That bored looking chap to the left? Yep. That’s me. Scary, I know.

Around the web, I’m known as Tysdaddy.  Or perhaps TheCheekofGod.  Or even by my real name, Brian.  You can call me whatever you want.  I’ve probably heard it before . . .

I’m a middle-aged, balding, big-eared, unibrow-sportin’ monstrosity with a gentle heart.

Think Shrek . . .

. . . minus the green epidermis.

I’ve been married a few years shy of half my life to a beautiful girl from the Northland. She’s so gorgeous that, using mostly her genes, we managed to create four equally beautiful offspring.

We make our home in the NE corner of the Midwest state of Indiana.

For a living, I make ice cream.  Somewhat against my will (to say the least) I left a career in radio several years ago when the station I worked for was sold. I served as operations manager, music & production director, and morning show host for about eight years. Growing up, Casey Kasem was my hero; I never missed an American Top 40 Countdown, and decided early in life that I wanted to “do” radio. My years in radio were fun, and perhaps I’ll return to the airwaves in the future.

I attend classes at Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) where I’m working toward a double degree in English/Creative Writing and Philosophy. I love to learn and strive to expose myself to new things. During a rut phase of my life, a friend suggested I go back to school to finish my degree. Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for the push. My kids are seeing that learning isn’t just something you do when you’re young.

A few faves, off the top of my head. . .

Music: Dream Theater, King’s X, Queensryche, The Choir, and Dave Matthews Band.

Books: Life of Pi (Yann Martel) and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (Michael Chabon).

Movies: Whale Rider, Field of Dreams, Babel, Donnie Darko, and Once (Who knew!!!).

Minutia: Playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading before bedtime, vanilla coffee (cream & sugar), Guitar Hero with the kids, Camel Turkish Silver.

Well, that’s about enough for now. You’ll figure out more as you read my posts and we engage in conversation. Enjoy the blog and thanks for visiting.


28 thoughts on “Me

  1. hey bored n scary! btw – that unibrow devil look ya got goin on is your legendary trademark since bs university, I think. 😉 I invited blizzmn to join. I know he’s deeper than he lets on because he’s an Aquarius. lol. an us watersigns? .. ya know we go with the flow really well .. but we are deep deep complicated oceans.

  2. “deep complicated oceans” You, Ivy, in a nutshell . . .

    Love ya,


  3. oh man! what you wrote just reminds me .. did you ever read Servant of the Bones? That was awesome! you might enjoy that one. That and I have to say .. The Da Vinci Code .. two of my favs.

  4. yup. that’s me .. one big deep ocean of philosophic methodological neuroticism waiting to be unleashed on the unsuspecting blog architect. 😉

  5. We’ll get you up and blogging before you know it. Like you need something else to do!!!

  6. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
    B )

  7. hi, i’ve revamped my post


  8. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the generous comment. I say, all power to you to go back to school with a family in tow. They’ll enjoy the ride along with you. It’s quite curious that i, too, am about to embark on late-in-life studies in creative writing and philosophy at the ripe young age of 62. Life is too damn short to do all of what one wishes to experience. Glad to meet a fellow traveller. Love your blog! G 😉

  9. Hey, it’s fun to see a photo. I had come to picture you more like your avatar, and while I do see some similiarities (eyebrows, balding — although in your photo, that’s not evident), you look pretty different from the guy in the little box. (Same goes for me, btw — HA!)

  10. I could never grow a mustache, especially one that formidable. He is, however, an erudite-looking chap, something I try to be on my good days.

  11. ‘The Life of Pi,’ one of my favorites. I haven’t come a cross too many folks who have read it.

  12. I read it when it first came out and about once a year since. I love the illustrated version that was released a few months back. I plan to blog about it one day . . .

    Thanks for checking in. I appreciate your visits.


  13. I’m thrilled that The Choir made your list of music and “Once” made your list of movies. I’m an instant fan!

  14. Hi fella, how’s things?

    Thanks for the comments, tres generous of you. I’m far too cynical to believe I’m ever going to be a famous writer, but that doesn’t stop me from pouring my heart out on the page and in electronic communities. Got to express it somewhere, right?

    My political views? Hmmm, I can tell you who I favor in England, but not the US…I’m undecided and as the campaign progresses I become more worried for this beautiful country – tot he point it is hard to blog about it anymore. I hope whoever comes to power tries to bridge the gap with Europe, Americans are misrepresented and have so much to offer the world, it’s just not fair.

  15. I like that you are aware that you being in school is a wonderful model for your kids. Learning doesn’t stop when you’re 18 or 22. It goes on and on, for all our life. Or at least it should.

    I loved listening to American Top 40 with Casey Kasem, too. My kids grew up with that music. We used to listen to it together each week. That and the Sunday Breakfast With the Beatles radio show.

  16. Thanks for finding me and bring me back to your site. I have already bookmarked it and plan to return over and over to read your unique insights and thoughts. It is very clear, you are a caring, committed father to your kids. They are very lucky.

    talk to you soon.


  17. I don’t think you’re freaky lookin’. And i’m not saying that just because you’re my dad.


  18. Good for you, going back to school – I did that, too, and it was the most rewarding experience of my life. It’s very satisfying to walk across that stage after the age of 30, with your friends and famil there. MUCH better than the 22-year-old version of graduation.

    And I agree with bluegirbil up there. Not freaky lookin’ at all. Smart girl.

  19. I was born in Fort Wayne, but spent most of my childhood in Winchester. I also have a cousin Eddie, who I actually have called “Cousin Eddie” since I was a child. He lives in Indianapolis now. I commented earlier on Becky’s guest post. I’m Chris, writing from a little town in Utah – nice to meet you Brian. I’ll return!

  20. Yes Brian,

    (Just getting back in town from visiting my nephews…was without computer access for a couple days.)

    I’m the same guy who wrote the DeadPrez book… I actually didn’t know it was priced yet….but thanks for informing me of the price point. (Of course, I think it’s worth every penny…but I’ll be in talks with my publisher.)

    Sure, we can talk about the book at your leisure. My e-mail address is Or you can talk to me through the blogspot that I’ll be using with more frequency. ( I was thinking of shutting down the blog you reached me….but now I see someone reads it. 🙂

    But, please, let me know what’s on your mind….


  21. Hey Brian,

    I tagged ya on the “7 Things” meme response that I posted last night but then I couldn’t find your email address to let you know. (Tip: Add a “Contact Me” link somewhere handy!)

    7 Things That May or May Not Be of Interest


  22. Nice blog, Brian,
    I’m disseminating this warm interview with Natalie Goldberg and I thought it could be interesting… ; )

    Ah! There’s another intersting gaialogue with the poet Miriam Sagan…

    warm greetings

  23. Thanks for the nice comment on my baby blog! Good luck with everything!

    Also, your blog is very interesting. You have a lot to say and it’s all different. In a good way.

  24. I don’t know if my last post worked in regards to the link in my site. So I’m posting again to say extra-great job. And the pictures of your kids in the rural area were so cute! They remind me of going to my dad’s hometown in central Kansas.

  25. Thanks for stopping by and giving time and comments to a baby in the blogging world! Its very motivating to read comments and peoples thoughts and reactions to my so-called “writing.”

    I’m technologically challenged so I’m not real sure how to “follow” your blog…which I really want to. Help please!!

  26. Hi Tisdaddy–it’s Chris from Your feed is in my reader. It took me ages to remember to check out the link on the comment you left on my blog–doh.

    I like your style.

  27. Maybe you found me by blog surfing or goggling “blogher” (because I went- HA!) or maybe through Heather of The Extraordinary Ordinary (first we were bloggy friends, then we hung out all weekend at Blogher and now we are “friends”). Regardless of how you found me, you did and maybe you’ll come back for a visit to my rambling world.

    Nice to meet you!

  28. Just re-read “Kavalier and Clay.” So much better than the first time. A wonderful novel – definitely doesn’t read like a 600-pager.

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