I’m late. This is typical for me lately. I seem to run behind or put things off more than ever before these days.

I’m sorry.

I blame it on my recent inability to organize my thoughts in any sort of meaningful way. There are plenty of things I spend time thinking about, but the effort it takes to collect them, refine them, and commit them to print is something new.

Maybe the glut of information is to blame.

My health hasn’t been particularly awesome, so there are doctor visits to schedule and attend, numerous medications to organize and take as prescribed, studies in medical journals to read, treatment options to consider, and cumbersome symptoms old and new to endure. Getting old is no fun when you haven’t lived well while young.

And then there is the news. I remember a day when news was a once-a-day thing, over breakfast, or maybe dinner, for no more than an hour, and then you moved on with your life. Now, depending on how involved you desire to be, there is news at our fingertips at every moment of the day, with new developments on multiple fronts popping up with staggering speed. Maybe this too is an age thing. The longer I’ve lived and seen things happen, the more topics I find interesting or directly impacting my life. We are encouraged to personalize everything, often to our own detriment. And picking and choosing becomes more difficult when more and more of the headlines hits home.

So, I’m learning new things. How to limit what I feel. Who to listen to and trust. And what things really matters. In selectively choosing those things, one fashions new guidelines for expending energy and granting awareness.

Family has always been a priority of mine, but I find myself yearning more and more for the company of those whom I love. Your aunt Garsy and I often work opposite shifts, so our time together has dwindled. This makes the time we do have together more special. Even mundane things like watching British baking shows or eating out or just driving around town together become opportunities to reconnect. The same goes for my kids. Wyatt and I just spent a couple days in Chicago together. We were given tickets to see the musical Hamilton, one of Wyatt’s favorites. It was awesome, and our time together included much singing, dancing (both done badly on my part) and many laughs.

I’ve also been dwelling on things worth setting aside for the sake of unity and love. Convictions and boundaries are necessary, and healthy tensions and disagreements sometimes have their place, but not at the expense of kindness. When what we cling to becomes a wedge or an excuse for inconsiderate behavior, then we are doing it wrong. We must first always be kind, for kindness is the only safety net we have as we walk the tightrope of life. Without it, we crash ugly and hard.

I am forty-nine years old, sagacious, yet humble. You are three, rambunctious and vibrant. We make a good team, I think. I hope I live long enough to see you rock the world . . .

3 thoughts on “To Georgia Jade, On the Occasion of Our Birthday, Year Three

  1. Hi Brian – you have added another family member since I last read your blog. Welcome to the world little one! I hope she revels in your wisdom and your positive presence in her world. G

  2. This is lovely. i used to write annual letters to each of my spawn on the back of their school pictures every year. i’ve got them all framed on a shelf downstairs. Had to tell them both about the letters so they don’t accidentally throw out the photos when i die!

    Like you, i struggle with the constant news cycle. i’m trying (and failing) to use my month overseas to disconnect a little. i haven’t watched a news program (in English) since i left home in late January, but there’s Twitter to shove headlines in my face whenever i open the app. Once a day should be enough… but it isn’t. Too much stuff scaring me these days.

    No need to apologize for being late. This is why we have reader files!

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