To Georgia Jade, On the Occasion of Our Birthday

Dear Georgia Jade,

Welcome to the family!  Harpers are good people, and all of us are smiling big today. We’ve been waiting for you. And you are beautiful.  I know people always say this about babies.  But who cares.  I’m not above riding that particular bandwagon. 

We share a birthday, you and I.  I believe that to be a welcome serendipity.  It wasn’t planned this way, of course, but I’ll take it.  You are the most wonderful of gifts. 

I cried a lot today.  So many things make me cry lately.  Some of it is because I’m a softy.  Sentimental.  I am easily moved emotionally, and your arrival moved me.  And sometimes I cry because life, as you’ll no doubt find out soon enough, is hard.  Even when it’s good.  Even when I am surrounded by joy and smiles and the sun is shining, life often overwhelms me. 

But, you.  Precious, tiny, swaddled you.  You’re a promise.  Of things to come.  Of potential.  Of days and days and more days of life in all its splendor and passion and awe.

And you’re not even a day old yet.  Isn’t that something awesome, and maybe a bit too big, to think about?  But it’s all right there in you.  All of it.  Love, life, pain, joy, sparkling eyes, pink cheeks, and so many footsteps along roads that lead to places grand and wide and rough and waiting.  For you.  It’s all right there, in each breath you breathe.  In every tear you cry.  In every strong and steady beat of your heart.  In every thought you’ll think.  It’s all loaded to bursting.

Take it all in.  Let it all out.  Cling to nothing but the love that you find.  But not too tightly.  Another cliché.  These things have the ring of truth. 

I’m 46 years old today.  I’ve been around for a bit.  Trust me when I tell you: Life is a good thing.  Welcome to it . . .


3 thoughts on “To Georgia Jade, On the Occasion of Our Birthday

  1. A good article. You have been loved all your life. You have brought so much joy. I know you are giving advise that you have learned thru your short, well traveled, bright life. I would not give up one minute of our life together. Love you son. and am glad ur a new uncle.

  2. New babies are such a gift. They hold the promise of better things and a new start. And a happy belated birthday to you!

  3. Beautiful baby! I’ve missed your writing….

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