the jester and the harbinger of doom

So I’m chatting with Neil Kramer last evening and we got to talking, as we generally do, about blogging. Why do we do it? Is there a point to it anymore? When you’re not in it for the money or the book deal or the endorsement, what is left?

At the end of the day, there is just me.  And I’m rather boring. 

But if I am to write about me, to share with you some of what I am about and how I see things, then I have to sort of look for stuff to share.  Sure, I could tell you about the coffee I’m drinking, what’s in it, what mug I’m using, that sort of nonsense.  Or I could get into how things are going at work, what kind of ice cream I helped make or which engineer I pissed off, that sort of stuff that I’d just as soon leave at the gate. 

Yeah.  I wouldn’t want to read that either.

So instead, I spend my day just looking and feeling and thinking.  Insights and anecdotes abound when you keep your eyes peeled.  And I am told that is what makes this blog tick.  The way I see things.  How I think about what I see about me. 

When it’s about me, and I’m rather boring, I spend my hours seeking the jester or the harbinger of doom.  What will make you laugh.  Or what portent, real or imaginary, lurks around the corner.  These are the things I share, relative to my space and circle of influence upon this small planet of my existence. 

I’ll never be the guy you read because of my take on the news.  And I’ll not suggest this or that product for you to try.  If I offer either, it will make sense within my day to day humdrum. 

I’m not the guy you will come to for advice about money or discipline or vacation plans.  I have none of the above at present.

But I promise to make it worth your time.  You’ll get the side of me that is stupid with glee on occasion, and fraught with despair on others.  I’m a lumbering see saw.  A paradox.  I’ll infuriate and exhort, often myself first, and you if you come along for the ride. 

Take what you want and discard the rest.  I won’t take it personally if you leave empty-handed. 

Neil asked me what I feel my strengths are as a writer.  I guess I’ve always seen myself as being similar to the columnist who writes for the local rag.  Put something up on a somewhat regular basis that looks at things from my perspective.  That guy who seeks to simply share a story.

My story.  Our story. 

I titled this blog The Cheek of God after a passage from the novel Life of Pi by Yann Martel.   He’d found a place that welcomed him.  It was not the place he’d expected, but he took what he got and made it his own. 

This is my space.  Welcome . . .


3 thoughts on “the jester and the harbinger of doom

  1. I write/blog because it helps me figure things out and it exercises my creative muscles and forces me to stretch a bit. It’s an incentive and a reward.

  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between writer and reader, and how each has a different motivation and goal. You have to write for whatever reason you have to write, sharing what interests you. I’m not quite sure you can plan on offering your readership something of value, because you don’t know what they are looking for when they come. Some of the stuff that you say is boring, and don’t write about, might be boring to you, but not to someone else. And vice versa. Do you really think writing about ice cream would bore anyone?

    1. So true, Neil. Which is why, in the end, you just put up what you write and let the proverbial chips fall.

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