handinshadowSeek goodness everywhere, and when it is found, bring it out of its hiding place and let be free and unashamed.

~ William Saroyan

There is a scene in the movie Everything Must Go that touched me. 

While digging through the stuff of his life, Nicholas comes across a high school annual.  An old friend had signed it, calling him a “diamond in the rough.”  He decided to pay her a visit, which goes somewhat awkwardly.  Until she reminds him why she wrote what she did.  One day at a party, some unruly students physically bullied her, and he had come to her aid.  After all the years apart, living their own lives, she remembered that one moment. 

He didn’t. 

I do that.  Forget that I am a nice person.  That I’ve done some good.  And that I am loved . . .


[Flickr photo is by Kr. B and is protected]


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