Tysdaddy is Awesome! – TRUTH!!!

Summary of the eRumor:
Word has been going around that Tysdaddy, known as Brian to most people – except for his relatives in The South, who still refer to him as B.J. or Beej – is awesome. Some even go so far as to call him “amazing,” “spectacular,” and “the best.”

The Truth:
The following was found on Brian’s nightstand a few days ago . . .

See?! I told you so . . .

Today, I’m leading a conversation about relationships with our children over at The Real World. Do you find that one relationship is stronger than the others? Is this normal? Come join us . . .



12 thoughts on “Tysdaddy is Awesome! – TRUTH!!!

  1. You’re a lucky — and loved — man. 🙂

  2. I should have pointed it out somewhere in the post . . . this is a blatant ripoff of the format used on http://www.truthorfiction.com Check it out, you rumormongers . . .

  3. So fun when they write stuff like that. I always don’t feel deserving of it, but their love completely surprises me. They never question it and never hide it or are embarrassed by it… at least when they are young and the world hasn’t gotten to them yet 🙂

    Everyone needs to come over and read your post on Real World today… LOVE IT!

  4. Now that’s a good note to get.

  5. Got to love letters like that- very cool.

  6. Frame that note. Keep it forever. What a great letter to receive.

  7. May your keepsakes box runneth over!


  8. That kind of note is the best!

    I still treasure finding a picture on my daughter’s flickr page. A picture I wasn’t supposed to see. She took a picture of a note I left for her on a box of donuts and some juice, meant as a morning surprise for her and a friend who had spent the night when it got too late to drive home after a concert. The caption on the picture was “World’s Greatest Mom.”

  9. Oh em gee. That is fricking adorable. I’ve never set eyes on you, but I believe him.

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