This Just In! – Detritus, Flotsam & Jetsam . . . Respectfully Submitted for Your Perusal

From the spam folder, a Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. or whomever (or whatever) known as 數位監控系統 writes:

Beneficial Blog! I had been simply just debating that there are plenty of screwy results at this issue you now purely replaced my personal belief. Thank you an excellent write-up.

Also, the following:

custom chrome rims – im feeling it

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seo搜尋引擎最佳化– You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material.



I am still alive. And smoke free, going on three months.


Do me a favor? Read this. She gets it . . .

And this. Because I don’t have an answer either. And because maybe we are just toys for giants. And, because I asked you nicely . . .


If you’re still here . . . my latest earworm, for your listening pleasure . . .

Happy (belated) 60th birthday to Doug Pinnick of King’s X.  Holy crap!


“Patience is a virtue, but she won’t always wait.”

Hmm . . .


5 thoughts on “This Just In! – Detritus, Flotsam & Jetsam . . . Respectfully Submitted for Your Perusal

  1. thank you for sending me to two great places – good words out there. and i’m still cheering madly for you! Go tysdaddy! Beat nicotine!

  2. I have one post a year ago that attracts all sorts of Asianic spam. Do they have some fetish for kids who poop in pools because that’s what it was about.

    1. Now I want to go check my spam to see what was sent to my blog! Some can be just so funny!

      Good job on making it so long with out a “doogie,” as my brother calls them.

  3. Thanks (as always) for the food for thought. I think that changing any habit is difficult, because most of the time we are ambivalent about whether or not we really want to change. We usually develop habits because there is something about them that we enjoy on some level. Add in something addictive (could be anything) and it becomes monumentally harder.

    I don’t get it in the same way that the author of the post you referenced, but I do understand on some level based on analysis of my own failures and successes in changing behaviors (some addictive, some less so).

    Regardless, I do think that what you are doing is leaving a legacy for your children.

    Have you seen Kenneth Branagh’s film Dead Again? I love Robin William’s character’s advice, and the conclusion that the Branagh’s character comes to about whether or not he is a smoker after visiting the character played by Andy Garcia in a care facility. That was an image that stuck with me (even though I can’t remember any of the character’s names).

    And for the record, I’d hate to think we were toys for Giants.

  4. I’ve not been a good cheerleader. 3 months. [refraining from a football sideline quality celebratory curse] I’ll leave it at incredible.

    I got bombed a while back with foreign spam, the sites they pointed to were universal in their foulness.

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