This just in, from the No News is Good News department . . .

It has been 60 days, six hours, 53 minutes and 24 seconds since my last cigarette.

I have posts afloat in the syrup of my mind about books I haven’t finished but want to, things I am doing (and not doing) with regards to my schooling, and an open letter to a national chain restaurant. Once they gel, I shall expel them in this space. For now, this is what you get.

A relevant aside:

My friend tells me I am now officially “over the hump.” Despite my often vociferous protests to the contrary, I am, somewhere deep inside, beginning to agree.

A question:

Besides that unsettling euphoric feeling you experience when you crest a hill and begin the descent down the other side, how else can you tell when you’ve officially cleared whatever hurdle lies upon your path? Your experience might echo and validate my own, so share away . . .

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18 thoughts on “Hump

  1. I’d say you think about it less. But that may be a factor of my very goal-oriented view of things. “What’s next?” Sounds like you have a lot on that list. Congrats for your accomplishment!

  2. don't feed the pixies August 27, 2010 — 5:43 am

    You will probably find more hills and humps along the way – but each one will get easier to climb as you go :just keep on going and don’t give up now

  3. oh, don’t forget to estimate the amount of cash that has remained in your wallet as a result! congrats on another milestone!

  4. I often had to twist the significance. I didn’t have kids when I quit. Every update from you rings through as a testament to the love you have for your life and your family. You are stronger every day than you ever knew. I am honored to have witnesses parts of it.

  5. That’s incredible, Brian! And everything that Amanda said, too.

  6. Sometimes we become accustomed to the pain and feel like we are missing something. Every day that you go without will make it easier for the long run.

  7. When I first quit smoking, someone asked “do you smoke?” and I said “I just quit a couple of weeks ago.” But after awhile, when someone else asked me that question, I simply said “no.” That’s when I knew I had gone from a smoker-who-is-quitting to a non-smoker.

    Good job, btw!

  8. There will be other humps, but smaller and smaller.

    Good for you, i am seriously proud!

  9. Oh yes! Keep going, keep charging…Your clothes don’t stink, your breath doesn’t stink, your loved ones don’t secretly (and not so secretly) gag when you come near them, you can walk up staircases, your insurance is going to start getting cheaper in a few years….I could go on.

  10. Congrats man, all the best to you as you continue on the other side of the hump.

  11. Hooray! Every day is a new victory.

  12. It’s been something like 5 years and I still think about or physically crave a cig at least once a week. Still, that’s better than several times a day. The urge has never entirely gone away and I am sometimes envious, watching the people huddle outside buildings with their little friends. What helped me stay a non-smoker was not wanting any deadly, corporate machine to have a hold on me. Not letting any profiteer rob me of time in my own life, not willingly anyhow. Thinking about it this way appealed to my independance and need for control. Whatever works right? Good luck turning 60 days into 6 months and 6 years. Do you know that statistically, children of nonsmokers are far less likely to smoke? Another good reason.

  13. michael.offworld August 30, 2010 — 9:25 pm

    Hump-schmump. It’s all hump. You’ll be over it when you’re dead. (mucho congrats on pushing your termination date back a little)

  14. Congratulations on making it this far! Enjoy coasting downt he other side…

  15. Wonderful. Congratulations sir. I am very happy for and proud of you.

  16. don't feed the pixies September 14, 2010 — 3:00 pm

    Hi there regular readers

    I’m really sorry to have to tell you that due to circumstances beyond my control Don’t Feed The Pixies has had to be deleted and will probably be gone by the time you read this.

    I had gone to pains to keep my name off the web and had changed the names and places of those involved where speaking about someone or something – but it seems that I have not been careful enough and so to protect myself from any future problems I have had to quit the site.

    Thank you for providing light in a tunnel of dullness. I came to the blog world in hope of finding others out there who I might have something in common with, or were just other lost souls looking for new ideas and new thoughts – I have enjoyed meeting you all.

    I am not sure whether this blog will continue in any other form. Thank you for visiting

    keep fighting the good fight

  17. Forgive me. I’m behind… in every way. This is a fantastic post, Brian. I’m sincerely happy for you. I imagine your family is thrilled. I think your commenters are right… there will probably be more humps, but now you KNOW that you can conquer them. 🙂

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