I Scream

Anyone who works is a fool. I don’t work – I merely inflict myself upon the public.

~ Robert Morley

Completed Tasks:

1) Apply online for a position with a local company that is expanding its operations and hiring to meet manpower needs.

2) Spend a Monday evening sitting for a four-hour assessment test, complete with bubble sheet and No. 2 pencils.

3) Dress up a bit and impress the next rung up the HR ladder with my articulate manner and awe-shucks smile. Prove I’m not a psycho.

4) Dress down a bit (it was a Saturday, after all) and impress the top rung of the HR ladder and a couple seasoned employees with my infectious laughter and mad production skills. Prove I’m capable of being “one of us.”

Still To Do:

1) Turn my head and cough.

2) Lift 50 pounds and dance around with it a bit.

3) Donate a hair follicle for comprehensive drug screen. Emphasize that I’m going to need that hair back . . .

4) Allow them to scour my past and pray they don’t find out about that time I kicked the dog.

5) Find my high school diploma, which is more than likely buried in a very old box inside the sprawl that is in and around my bedroom closet.

In the words of my Pentecostal forebears, it’s all over but the shouting. Barring any unforeseen monkey wrenches, on March 23rd I will go from being an out-of-work bum to The Ice Cream Man.

So to celebrate, I bought one of these . . .

. . . and some of these . . .

. . . and I’m contemplating posting my desire for a freezer on Freecycle. I’ll plop that sucker in the corner of my garage, plug it in, and stock it with sweet dairy goodness. Maybe I’ll set out a free-will offering bucket, but I won’t make donating a requirement. Kids can stop chasing the ice cream truck and instead just swing by our place and indulge.

I’ll be the King of Summertime Fun.

But they better grab a Wet Nap clean their grubby little paws before they hop on the PS3. I swear to God they better . . .

[Flickr photo is by aturkus and is protected]


23 thoughts on “I Scream

  1. LOL! YAY for you! So happy!!! Money is money and to deal with ICE CREAM!!! My favorite… I’m not going to lie, I’m kinda jealous!

  2. So… does that mean it’s a done deal? I’m keepin’ my fingers crossed for you until I know it’s a done deal.

    1. I have signed the offer letter, so unless I somehow manage to flunk the physical exam, which is really nothing more than a fitness test to make sure I can lift stuff without dropping anything on my toes, or the next person’s toes . . . yeah, it looks like a sure thing. But keep those fingers crossed anyway.

  3. Keep the flair to a minimum when you’re dancing around with that 50 lbs. ; )

    Congrats! Sounds like your house is THE place to be Summer 2010.

  4. Congrats, my good man. As long as … I mean… Are you sure you can pass that drug test?

  5. just give them one of your eyebrow hairs. you have enough.
    and congrats.

  6. Ice cream man, yes!
    Now “I’m the Ice Cream Man” by Van Halen is stuck in my head.”

  7. My first job aspiration ever was to be an ice cream man! Incredible, congratulations!

  8. now THAT is a job with meaning! and i’m guessing it’s reasonably recession proof. i eat ice cream when things are bad. i eat ice cream when things are good. congratulations!

  9. I know why they have to do the drug testing. No word of a lie, my favorite human on the planet, once a ice cream truck driver in the summer, used to stop at bars along his route and one day tipped over the truck in one of Cape Cod’s notorious rotaries or roundabouts by trying to round the circle on two wheels. Yeah, there are reasons why they need that hair sample. You made me laugh, tho….you want it back! Excellent news and I see stories galore coming out of this venture–some of them sweet stories.

  10. Sweet!

    Get it? It’s a play on words. Ice cream is sweet and it’s sweet that you’re finally… oh, nevermind!


  11. congrats on the job! and with ice cream? total bonus.

  12. Fer fun! And you just might be on to something with the idea of selling the ice cream from your home…what an entrepreneur you are!

  13. Oh Congratulations!!! I’m so happy to hear that things are looking up for you and how cool to be an ice cream man! I’ll be keeping fingers crossed and praying for you

  14. Sounds like the place is going to make for great blog fodder. Congratulations.

  15. I’m still horrified by the drug testing. Don’t see how they can justify that kind of intrusiveness. But congratulations on re-joining the workforce!

  16. Wooot! Sounds full of The Awesome to me!

  17. Good for you! We all scream for ice cream.

  18. Yay!!! So long deserved and overdue!! And what perks!!

  19. Oh the dangers of working around icecream:) I’m sooo jealous. Hope it all goes well, I’m sure you can really churn ’em out:)

  20. Congrats dude! Hope it works out. I promise not to tell them what I know when they call me to check your references.

  21. I’m looking forward to hearing more tales about your new adventures in frozen delights! Woot! Glad things are on track.

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