Just A Little Crazy

What moves those of genius, what inspires their work is not new ideas, but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough.

~ Eugene Delacroix

A few things come to mind . . .

September, 1997. Minneapolis, Minnesota. I can ascertain the date precisely because I was on my way to see David Fincher’s The Game. My wife and kid (I only had one at the time) were up north visiting her parents, so I took a friend at work up on his invitation to meet up at the Mall of America. Dinner and a show. Having grown accustomed to the humdrum and predictable life of a father and husband in a city with few friends, I jumped at the opportunity to get out and do something with someone who didn’t nag me about my choice in movies or spit food at me. A few discretionary dollars were burning a hole in my pocket. And then Seal came on the radio . . .

But we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy . . .

Crazy felt like the order of the day. So I walked up the first kiosk I saw and got my ear pierced.

2006? Fort Wayne, Indiana. This date is a little harder to pin down. I had hooked up with a friend from my youth after finding out he lived only about an hour away. We’d get together to go sing karaoke or just sit and talk about our own Glory Days together, of tromping through the corn field behind his house listening to Motley Crüe’s Shout at the Devil on cassette, of hours spent watching Friday Night Videos, of terrorizing our sisters, or of simply lounging on the deck by his pool, soaking up the sun. While visiting one evening, we hopped in my Honda, drove to town to eat gyros, and ended up at Tip Top Tattoos on Crescent Avenue. Just to look around, of course. But then the old “I dare you!” mindset kicked in, and we both walked out with one of these . . .

Supposedly, these Chinese symbols represent my wife’s initials, and they are permanently etched above my heart. What they really mean remains a mystery . . .

And then there’s The Wall. Just this past summer. Full disclosure: I made it about ten feet up and then slipped off a foothold and scraped my elbow quite raw. I hung there for a few seconds, tethered and bruised, and then told them to let me down. Ten feet. Hardly an accomplishment. But for me? Just getting on that wall?

Crazy . . .

There are those who live lives completely the opposite of mine, where every day is an adventure.  They are young and experience things at breakneck speed.  They make me tired.

But there are also those just like me. They have been around the block a few times. Some have families. Some live very quiet lives and shun the spotlight.  But all of them have that spark for a bit of craziness.

This week, I’m bringing you their stories. I’ve asked a few friends to share with me, and you, a bit about their own quest to slake their thirst for the crazy. For we all do it occasionally. Step out of the routine and make plans to do something so beyond our own comprehension. More importantly, beyond plans, we sometimes carry through. We get “Just a little crazy.” And it feels good.

You know I don’t often post daily. And some of you have gotten used to that, checking back once a week or so to see what foolishness I’m rambling about. But this week, I ask you to make this site a daily priority. Not only will you get to read some quality writing from some of my favorite bloggers, but you might find a bit of inspiration. That’s what I’m looking for. And these folks deliver.

See you tomorrow . . .

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37 thoughts on “Just A Little Crazy

  1. Egad! Only after posting those pictures did I notice how hairy I am. In the ears, no less! Sorry if I ruined your breakfast . . .

  2. That’s peach fuzz in your ears. We all have it! Sounds like a fun week at your blog. I think you need to research what that tat means…

    1. A fellow student and friend from a poetry class is from China. I asked her if she’d translate, and she agreed to see a picture. She never got back to me . . . that may not be a good sign . . .

  3. I’m pretty sure I have u on my reader so I will be back!

    What a cool idea though!

    I know u meant to ask me to write cause of course I’m one of your favorites but its good that you didn’t….I may be crazy but have never done anything really crazy, my life wouldn’t even make a good cheesy soap opera! And that’s pretty pathetic for a female!

    1. I shared about getting tattoos and ear piercings. Yeah, my life is so much more exciting than yours . . .

      And as the week progresses, I’m sure you’ll think of something to share. Please do so in the comments when you feel so led . . .

  4. Sounds very interesting. Looking forward to the crazy. 😉

  5. I want a tattoo. I just can’t decide what I want to get tattooed on me. So I wait.

    Speaking of waiting, can’t wait to see what sort of craziness you have lined up for tomorrow! I bet it’s somebody really fabulous and lovely…

  6. Looking forward to this! I love finding new bloggers to read.

    Also, I can read Chinese and I’m pretty sure that tattoo on your chest says “Fred”.

    I kid…I kid….

    1. I hope it’s something that innocent . . .

  7. After reading your blog I have decided I must be the most boring person that walks the earth. I have not pierced my ear or put a tattoo anywhere. I can’t remember the last time I broke the chains and did something crazy. Maybe I forgot how. After reading the posts you have scheduled, maybe I’ll remember. I’m sure they’ll be entertaining. Can’t wait to start reading them.
    If you ever get your tattoo translated, will you tell us what it means, if it’s not your wife’s initials that is?

      1. Tattoo translated! Stay tuned . . .

  8. Those are not initials, man!

    This ought to be a pretty interesting week.

  9. I look forward to reading about the craziness that exists just under the surface; I think we all have a little bit of it inside of us, it just manifests itself in different ways.

  10. love the theme… i’m prone to bouts of ‘random crazy’. outside the realm of my ‘daily crazy’, which includes wearing fuzzy slippers at the office on days when it rains, among other things. after reading your words, seeing your examples of livin’ crazy, i am reminded (again) that a roller coaster without dips is just a commuter train… and maybe some of the crazy is part of building our own hills for the thrill of it! looking forward to your ‘guest crazy’…

    1. You’ve been scuba diving. You are my hero . . .

  11. And . . . double egads!! That picture of my ear keeps freaking me out! Should I make that sucker smaller? Take a better shot? Leave it, so you can use it to scare your small children? It’s . . . scary . . .

  12. You know that when Coke tried to do that it came out something like “bite the wax tadpole”, right?

    1. Wait until you hear what MINE means . . .

  13. I used to watch Friday Night Videos too! 🙂

    Can’t wait to live vicariously through your guest bloggers this week…

  14. I think you should make that ear pic smaller. Those hairs are longer than my bangs!

    1. Only since you went and got that snazzy new coiffure!

  15. This is the best notion. Too often, blogs try for a gimmick and get cutesy. This idea, however, feels worthwhile and authentic and fun.

    Do I, however, get to give you a little crap about getting your ear pierced at the Mall of America?

    C’mon. Let me.

    1. No. Crap must be kept to a minimum around The Cheek . . . Oh! Who am I kidding! Let me have it . . .

      1. And you may have noticed that this site sports no advertising. I get nothing from the 23,493, on average, clicks I get on a daily basis. I’m just hoping for a book deal . . . if I only had something to write about . . .


    1. And you remain the only person I know who has wrestled a bear. You, too, are a hero . . .

  16. A pierced ear and a tattoo? You renegade! I’ve had the itch to get a tattoo, but then I get caught up in the inner debate about commitment and symmetry and fading and stretching and, well, you know.

    It’s really cool to see so many people here, by the way. 🙂

  17. this sounds like fun. and since i am pretty freakin’ boring i am sure everything here is going to sound WILD. :-p

  18. well now, look at YOU all pierced and tatted. I have a whole new view of you!

  19. Wow very nice. Crazy antics? I think I may be hard to beat.

  20. I can give you crazy, BT. 🙂 where would you like me to start? lol.

  21. Burningman Festival 1997 might be a good place .. got some crazy pictures to go along with it .. hmm .. wait a minute – – don’t think full disclosure without incriminating myself could happen but I might have to send you something about the sreaming desires to up-end derivatives of the unknown in order to create somethign absolutely interesting .. seems I’ve done allot of that ..

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