Dear Tweakers

Is there any miracle on earth to compare with that of discovering a new friend, or having that friend discover you? So much is at stake, but I will gladly risk everything to give a promising relationship a chance.

~ Alex Noble, Moments of Stillness

Dear Tweakers,

You’ve been a patient lot. For the past several weeks, you’ve stopped by my place, read my words, and left comments. Some of you are old and dear friends, and others are new, drifting in from this place or that or completely by chance. Some of you have shared words of compassion, humor, and grace, while others of you have remained in the background, sending your thoughts my way with each anonymous visit.

Our relationship has been decidedly and uncomfortably one-sided. You’ve endured the mess that has been The Cheek as-of-late with very little ROI.

So this weekend, I’m coming over. My Reader is stacked with your posts, a thousand heartfelt invitations extended to meet up and interact. And time, that heavy-handed taskmaster, is cutting me some slack. It’s slowing down just long enough for me to pull up a chair and go on a virtual whirlwind tour of Tweakerland.

No need to pick up the place or prepare any fancy meal. Save the fine linens for the other guests. I’m cool with a glass of sweet iced tea and your words and pictures. I know where most of you hang out, so getting there shouldn’t be a problem. However, if I haven’t heard from you in a while, or if you’re one of those mythical lurkers who never chime in, please leave me a comment here; I’d love to include you in my itinerary.

This afternoon, the tour begins. But first, I must take the wee one shopping for a pink leotard and some tights . . .

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17 thoughts on “Dear Tweakers

  1. What if we don’t have ice tea here? Would chocolate milk suffice?

    So sorry to read about your dog. They become invaluable members of a family. We have a corgi (5 years old) who, I read, could live to be 19 years old if he stays healthy. Whenever he DOES go, it is going to be heartbreaking for all of us.

  2. Brian, I know the guilt that comes from non-participation. But really, don’t worry. Welcome back.

  3. Good Luck. I hope you are able to read, relax and enjoy–when I fall behind I end up reading with urgency unable to really focus. Then I just get frustrated and “mark all as read”.

    What?? We’re not still in the safe zone? I thought we could share.

  4. Hey, everyone goes through a blogging dry spell or periods when analog world is just too hectic to make time for the digital one. No apologies necessary.

    You’re always welcome to stop by 2Dolphins for some iced tea! We’re big brewed -tea drinkers around here and of course, always appreciate feedback on our sometimes very self-serving blog posts.

  5. understand the guilt, but seriously… you’re excused. besides, nothin’ over at my place worth looking at! be well… take your time…

  6. I like that you went shopping for a pink leotard and tights. Hope you had a nice afternoon.

    I’ve been behind on my reading also. I think we ALL understand what that feels like and I think we ALL understand there are days you simple have to check the box that says “mark all as read”. Done! 🙂

    1. Undoubtedly though, it would’ve been far more entertaining (for others, at least) if Brian had gone shopping -IN- a pink leotard and tights…

      1. I’m preparing for my new gig in professional wrestling. So don’t laugh . . .

  7. When you mentioned the pink leotard and tights for your little one at the end of your post, I just went awwww. Now, I’m laughing hysterically at Rob’s comment and your reply.
    Welcome back! Time is the sternest taskmaster. Now that I’m working six days out of seven, I understand this even more.
    I hope you grab that glass of sweet tea, sit back and enjoy yourself reading everyone’s blog. I think I’ll do the same. I’m still catching up myself.

  8. I haven’t been around much myself and I feel horrible! I’m here now, though. 🙂

  9. Thanks for stopping over. How did the shopping go?

  10. Pleased to meet you sir!

  11. Life does get in the way, doesn’t it? I’ve been fairly quiet too, often reading and not commenting. This month I’ve been a little better but I forget to refresh my reader for days and days at a time so it looks like there aren’t new posts then when I close it and open it again, I suddenly have a gazillion posts to read and I feel overwhelmed!

    Have fun visiting friends!

  12. A good daddy, just like I knew you were. I’ve missed you friend. I don’t mind the lapses as long as we always find our way back to snippets.

  13. Never enough time for everything is there?

  14. I’m catching up Brian…little by little.

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