She’s At It Again!

Tired of hearing me ramble on about how bad life is lately?

Me too.

So today, I offer yet another cool publishing announcement!

In a recent “Lighten Up” post, I told you that my daughter Aryn had a poem published in Writer’s Journal. It’s a national magazine. The Big Time. Well, alright, maybe not as big as The New Yorker or some other literary gem, but a fine publication nonetheless. To say she was thrilled would be an understatement.

After a few days, letting it all settle in, my wife and I sat her down and helped her demolish the ceiling – the one people place over their head when they think they can go no further. We encouraged her to look around online for other avenues for publication. How about contests?

The next day, she told us she’d found one, to be judged by children’s poet Kenn Nesbitt, at the Time for Kids website and had written and entered a new poem. She’s savvy with the computer, so we weren’t surprised. That moment came about a week later when we learned she’d been selected as a finalist. Out of 3,000+ entries, she was one of the top five.


Yeah, we did a few back flips with her. Bumped the couch, but we survived.

In the end, she didn’t win the grand prize, but her poem is right here. For you to enjoy . . .


26 thoughts on “She’s At It Again!

  1. So cool! You must be such a proud papa!

  2. Congratulations to Aryn! I read the poem and it’s simply delightful! Love picturing that whale in the tree. Nice work, Aryn! Don’t stop writing…

  3. Nice job Aryn!
    I enjoyed that.

  4. See – this is why you were meant to parent. Its not about money, or status – it’s about support, and how much confidence you intill in your children. You and the Mrs are doing a kicka*s animal job.

  5. Oh that is just wonderful! I am going to share this with my wee ones as inspiration!

  6. There is something wonderfully magical about your daughter’s success co-mingled with what appears to be your own dead end. Something is afoot for you guys- best to stay open and grab it when it sails by.

  7. That poem was SO good! She is extremely talented!!! Next time we need video evidence of those back flips!!!

    Congrats to her!

  8. How you don’t just burst is beyond me.

    Excellent stuff.

    1. Well Xbox – I kinda did burst! She wanted to keep it from her teachers and such at school til she got her prize in the mail – but I couldn’t help myself! I told everyone that would listen!!!! Her teachers were so excited too! They’ve been great mentors for her!

  9. Good stuff – congratulations to the whole family. From what I’ve read here – both your comments and her poetry – this is only the beginning for your poet laureate!!

  10. Another vote for a fabulous poem with excellent imagery. Well done Aryn!

  11. That is impressive! Congrats to her!

  12. What a great accomplishment! Congrats to you both.

  13. That is amazing, great big congrats to Aryn!

    My fav line is:
    “I watched that tree for years
    When would that tree fall?”

  14. congrats to Aryn.

    My daughter liked your poem. she is 12.

  15. “I watched that tree for years
    When would that tree fall?”

    Wow, that was great!

  16. Good job, Aryn! I love the poem.

  17. Congrats! That is so cool! I’ve never been able to write poetry. I’m envious of those who can do it well. Nurture that talent!

  18. lovely! congrats to all… and “demolish the ceiling” is a new favorite for me…

  19. I see a Pulitzer in Aryn’s future. Well done. I’d be doing backflips, too, if my daughter was writing poetry of that quality!

  20. That is just awesome! I am so happy for her! What a great poem!

  21. Wow, that was genuinely awesome; so much fun. You must all be so proud.

  22. Please send my congratulations to your girl!!!

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