The Wrong George

The [character] of a country can be seen simply in how it treats its old people.

~ The Bratzlaver

This post is for Flutter, who posted a humorous conversation she had this morning with a clueless bastard who dialed the wrong number. I mentioned this little ditty in my comment, and so now I must share.

The song is called “The Wrong George” and is from the 1991 self-titled CD by Chagall Guevara. Guitarist Dave Perkins is the poor chap taking the call, and a source close to the band has claimed that the recording is authentic:

Dave was playing guitar at unnatural volumes in his basement when he sensed his phone ringing. He picked up the downstairs extension just as the upstairs answering machine began recording, and what you hear is the complete, unedited conversation that ensued, transferred directly from the answering machine tape in all its sonic splendor.

I’ve listened to this CD hundreds of times over the years, and one thing always strikes me: despite the fact that they did put this on an album, at least Dave Perkins, in an unguarded moment, had the integrity to treat the befuddled caller with a measure of kindness. He could have been rude. He could have laughed at her. He could have hung up. Instead, he patiently listened and rode the call out until the end.

In this golden age of snark, where laughing at someone is unfortunately the norm instead of the exception, I’m thankful my mom raised me to be kind to old people . . .

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6 thoughts on “The Wrong George

  1. He was amazingly patient. Very sweet. I adore older people… that sounds patronizing… I respect older people. I need to visit Flutter…

  2. For some strange reason–I can see me–on both sides of that conversation.

  3. I’m so glad he was patient. That little ol’ lady might be me one day!

  4. Very sweet of him to be so patient. I would have hung up about ten seconds into the call.

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