For Mature Audiences Only

After holing himself up in his room for most of the evening, my son Beefcake, age 9, came down and excitedly shared his latest creation with me. This is the same Beefcake who cries at movies with his dear old dad. Who is the star of so many cool memories. My sweet little boy who plays basketball every Saturday morning, smiling at the fun of it all, staring down the referees with his steely gaze . . .

. . . and now he writes graphic novels. And I do mean graphic. He provided the narration, as recorded . . .

You’ve been warned . . .

One day, two enemies met at a death cliff.


“Huh? Why didn’t you die?!”

“Take that! My gun is bigger than yours!”

“Huh? Who are you?! What’s going on?!”


A trampoline?!


“I gotta try this . . .”

“Why isn’t this thing working?!”


“I ROCK!!!”

“Huh? Where did this come from?”

An innocent victim . . .


“Huh? A MONKEY!?”

“Sit here and hold still for me, will ya?”


“Steady . . .”


Part 2 oughta be a doozy . . .


37 thoughts on “For Mature Audiences Only

  1. Oh boy!

  2. I think I just peed my pants.

  3. That. Is. AWESOME!!!! Of course, he’s not my kid, but still…

  4. that’s an awful lot of ketchup

  5. Well, he whistles whilst working. That has to count for something!

  6. I love the angle from the scope. I can’t wait for part two. Oh boy, he sure knows how to do business.

  7. Should you be worried? 🙂

  8. and all he needs is paper, a pencil, and a full red marker!

  9. You owe me a new monitor.

    I laughed milk all over this one.

  10. OH that was awesome! I love that he’s already preparing for part two. What a visionary.

  11. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! omg I’ll be back!!!~ (YOU’LL never get lost in a crowd!! Thanks for stopping…)

  12. he’s found his niche at a young age.
    that’s enviable.

  13. I agree that the angle from the scope was awesome. This looks like a great story board for an action movie. I think Beefcake might have just written the next Bruce Willis movie, “Die Hardest”.

  14. I don’t really get the ziggurat, but hey what do I know?

  15. Yeah, I considered cutting the story short after the final big Kablooey, but he insisted on complete creative control . . . and I’m a pushover . . .

  16. I think Frank Miller has found his next movie. That was awesome.

  17. I knew that was a monkey right away.

  18. Pure brilliance. Seriously. Totally shot Diet Coke out of my nose when the innocent bystander got pushed off the cliff.

    You should send this to someone. THe kid could have an agent before you know it.

  19. Funny you should mention Frank Miller. I hadn’t noticed until now that the action goes from vivid color to black and white when the “ziggurat” sequence kicks in; the blood splatter at the end is grey, not red. Interesting . . .

  20. I cannot wait for my kids to get to this age! I mean, I love them as they are, but how wonderful to see where they are headed developmentally. Not that I want them drawing Murder Death Kill books, but you know what I mean.

  21. They will keep coming and just wait, you read the Japanese ones from right to left.

  22. Hey! He is writing! That’s what counts! Ethan seems to have found value in writing, at least enough to aspire to write something!

  23. Have you considered sending this to I mean, this stuff is right up their alley.

  24. That’s awesome. Very creative.

    I used to draw star wars ships when I was little and erase parts of them to make them “blow up”.

  25. Brian, that reminded me of Spy vs. Spy…how are the days of worklessness going?

  26. I feel sorry for the innocent bystander.

  27. I like the joyful abandon of the stickman.


  28. a little too much Playstation??

  29. I didn’t see the monkey coming. Nice twist.

  30. Yeah, you have to love the completely inexplicable monkey near the end there.

  31. That’s pretty cool! The money made it for me. Please remind your son that all martial arts monkeys always ride clouds! I’m starting to feel old again…

  32. This looks *exactly* like something my 10-y.o. would draw. His older brother drew comics from the time he was 6… his were less violent. He included product tie-ins and advertisements on the back page: Look for Super Darius happy meals!

  33. I love that he is totally ok with one of the enemies being a gun totin girl, or a dude in a skirt, whatever.

  34. I read the post in spite of the required credentials. Sorry. You’re getting a shore house in your old age from that one dude!

  35. Spectacular! Wanat know how I would have guessed his age if you hadn’t told us? He can’t possibly be thru puberty yet. The first scene proves it even if he didn’t mean to… one of the characters is a girl! No guy over 9 or 10 wants to shoot a girl! (Most of the time) Maybe he didn’t even realize he made it look like a girl, but at his age, it’s perfectly understandable he might still think they have cooties!

    1. Yeah, but the girl wins! Sort of . . .

  36. I did enjoy all the other recent posts…I should comment on them all. The first made me cry, the last (this post) made me laugh, which turned out to be a nice sequence.

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