by Brian

Be pleasant until ten o’clock in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself.

~ Helen Rowland

Yeah.  Whatever, Helen.

Anyway . . .

Because memes are quick and easy, and because commenting on meme posts require almost no intellectual effort . . .


. . . I offer the following in response to Jason’s challenge.

Ten Random Things about Yours Truly

(Jason did 25, but he’s an overachiever.)

1. In college, I ran a Contemporary Christian Music radio show called “Radio Free Jesus”. My most popular segment was the “Heaven’s Metal Hour” from 11:00pm until midnight. People just couldn’t get enough of Vengeance Rising. My long-haired, Bible-bangin’ brethren requested “Beheaded” every week . . .

I want my head chopped off
You’ll see my body rot
But then I’ll reign with Christ
And then you will fry

Yeah . . . I’m embarrassed . . .

2. My first full time gig in radio was as the music director for a southern gospel radio station. The highlight of my career? Interviewing Vestal Goodman. She called me “honey” about 50 times.

3. I have an attractive birthmark on the second toe of my right foot. If you’ve just eaten, please close your eyes as you scroll down . . .



4. I know what the beginning of Petra‘s song “Judas’ Kiss” says backwards.

Do you?

5. I once bet a friend I could drink a gallon of Hershey’s Chocolate Milk in an hour and keep it down.

I did. For about thirty seconds. Then I lost it out both ends. What joy! What fun!

6. Once, while working as an intern for X-whatever (now defunct) in Minneapolis, I shared a copier with 92 KQRS morning show host and Howard Stern ass-whooper Tom Barnard. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to radio royalty. I think he smiled at me, in a “could you hurry up” kind of way.

7. I’ve read, in their entirety, Moby Dick, The Brothers Karamazov, and Don Quixote. They each took a summer to complete, and I read all the footnotes. One day, when I’m older and greyer, I’d like to tackle Proust.

8. I used to use TRESemmé Mega Sculpting Gel to keep my gorgeous hair in place.

Now, I use a hat. To keep what’s left in place.

9. I started playing Dungeons & Dragons again in my mid-30’s, so I could spend some quality time with my son, and spend less dough on Yu-Gi-Oh cards. My favorite character I ever played was Dexter Duchovic. Now, I don’t play anymore because 4.0 sucks ass.

10. I know every word of the Powerpuff Girls episode titled “Los Dos Mojos”.

TMI? I thought so . . .

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