That’s What You Get

It’s been a very busy week. Classes started. I got a flat tire on the way to work on Thursday. It’s been very cold. And plenty of other things have battled for my attention.

Productive? Absolutely.

Blogging? Not much. I had hoped to get to your blog today, or perhaps send you an email. But instead, I did this . . .

Personally, it was much more fun. And for the record, I think she’s way cuter than Hayley Williams . . .


13 thoughts on “That’s What You Get

  1. michael.offworld January 18, 2009 — 1:01 am

    So cool to see you and your family. Looks like you could use a hit of coffee though. Or a nap.

  2. Oh my GAWD, how adorable is that? And the intense concentration on the little drummer dude’s face! Thanks for sharing that. (And you’re right; your time was WAY better spent.)

  3. That’s great.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Your family rocks!
    What a beautiful little voice your daughter has.
    And hey, tell your son I know someone who’s looking for a drummer.

  5. There’s a cat on the table, caught on film– please remind said cat that the rule is “No cats on the table or counters when they can see you there.” (It’s okay if you don’t get caught.)

    Your daughter? Way cute. Way

  6. Looks like a wonderful time!. Your daughter has a nice voice. I could feel the happy and content just watching. Neat.

  7. We just got Rock Band 2 about two hours before this performance, and it was only her second time singing it through. They both did a super job.

    Me? I just sit there on the couch, chillin’ and high-fivin’ when the songs are over. We’re trying to work our way through band mode so we can unlock the Dream Theater song “Panic Attack” buried somewhere deep in the tour . . .

    And my cat? He rules the world!

  8. And she’s very disappointed with the makers of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Neither of them have had the obviously very cool idea of including a Hannah Montana song on the setlist . . .

  9. Very cute! Yes, looks like that’s a lot more fun.

  10. Bound for stardom, I tell ya. The whole lot of ya!

  11. I love the “whoo” more then 1/2 way in – and i love a snapshot of your life. That’s what it’s all about – you’re there, paying attention, everyone together. Lovely!

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