Y’all get a quickie this morning.

Well, not that kind of quickie. This one’s much less . . . oh, never mind.

Anyway, here’s a slice of Tysdaddy’s professional life. We’re busy celebrating as we dive headfirst into 2009 because Industry Week magazine has selected the manufacturing facility where I spend my evenings as one of the top ten Best Plants.

Building and assembling HVAC controls doesn’t necessarily sound all that exciting, [plant Operations Manager Kelly] Raugh admits, until you analyze exactly what these products do. “We’re controlling an explosion in your home,” he points out, “and that requires a discipline and focus on quality; you can’t take any shortcuts.”

Explosions! How cool is that?!

And, yes, I still have a job. I’m thankful . . .

You can read the full story here.


18 thoughts on “Woot!

  1. michael.offword January 8, 2009 — 9:03 am

    Good news!

  2. So you guys are like famous now, right? Just tell me there are some windows in that place, somewhere.

    Does your wife know you’re offering quickies? I’m just sayin…!

  3. michael.offworld January 8, 2009 — 8:45 pm

    Happy for you dude.

    (What does “woot” mean? Is it how the young folk say woo-hoo?)


  5. So I started reading the story but then I got distracted. I was all Woot! is there a deal of the day. Hey, Industry Week! Oh, they’re a business to business magazine. I wonder who publishes them? I used to work for a BtoB publisher. That photo looks pretty grainy but the guys at a work station of sorts. I wonder if people remember to take down scraps of paper with passwords when photos are being taken, what if someone uses some NCIS type of technology and scans the background. Hey, is that guys name Kelly. Kelly is a nice name for a man, wasn’t there a commercial with a kid writing Santa a letter “Kelly is a boys name too” Did they just say kaizan? Holy cow, so my old company used to say that. Et cetera et cetera. You see how I am?

    I didn’t get far.

    Regardless, congrats to your fine establishment and here’s wishing you another 3 million hours worked without a lost workday case.

  6. I wish there were windows. You have to go to the cafeteria for those . . . We do have plants, though. Not sure how they survive . . .

    “Woot” comes from gamers who used it as a shortcut for “Wow! Loot!” It now means just about anything you want. Much like the work “lavenous”. Don’t bother looking that one up in the dictionary. It’s not there. It is in the Urban Dictionary, however. It’s a word made up by magician Mike Super and means, well, anything you want. So the next time someone asks you how your doing, say you’re feeling “lavenous”.

    Speaking of strange words, Deb, I have yet to figure out exactly what a “kaizan” event is. They’re all the rage where I work, though. Maybe I’ll see one someday . . .

    The odds are good: if you have a furnace or central AC, I built the control board that operates it . . .

  7. I brought up Mike Super because he performed at our annual Christmas party last year. I missed it, so when our plant manager used the word in a memo, I was lost. I mean, I’m an English major for crying out loud, and I’d never heard the word before. The joke was on me, I guess . . . I’m just too lavenous, I guess . . .

  8. Did I just say “I guess” twice?! I need sleep, people . . .

  9. Congrats on staying in the ranks of the employed! No small feat these days.

  10. I wanna explode something!!

  11. why don’t you substitute “lavenous” for that title of your blog word that I’ve never liked “Palimpsest” (and not just because I didn’t know what it meant tho I didn’t..it just like an obstacle in the road that even when you find out what it means it still requires heavy lifting to get it out of your way….) or substitute “wootest”…”I am a wootest of faith and flesh” “I am lavenous with faith and flesh.”

    Wootest is best, I think. Don’t you? Makes you laugh even though you don’t know what it means. Lavenous is like palimpsest (who knew??) sounds sort of pretentious.

    congrats, though, on your job!!

  12. No matter what the economy, people NEED their HVAC units. I live in the south, I know this as a hard hot wet sticky fact. ( That sounded a lot worse that it was intended) I think I might now have quickies on the brain. Thanks for that, friend!

  13. So, if my HVAC unit goes on the fritz, can I call you????

  14. Sounds like really great news!

  15. Hard, hot, wet and sticky?! You crack me up . . . good to see you again, Chanda. You’ve been missed . . .

    And Kweenmama, I have been instructed to refer you to your local Carrier distributor . . . 😉

    Thanks, everyone. With this award, we are equipped to bring in new business and keep things in the black. And maybe I’ll keep my job for the whole year . . .

  16. And Pat, I think I’ll stick with palimpset. “I am a lavanous wootin’ palimpset . . . ” might work, but that’s way too wordy . . .

  17. Woot! woot! blowing up stuff!

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