On Deck

All the interests of my reason, speculative as well as practical, combine in the three following questions: 1. What can I know? 2. What ought I to do? 3. What may I hope?

~ Immanuel Kant

As they used to say, in certain Pentecostal circles of my youth, “It’s all over but the shoutin’.” The holidays are past, the candy canes and cookies and leftover ham are consumed, the new toys and games have been played with and packed up in the closet, and open season on movie-watching and general lounging shouts its final hurrah today. There’s fog in the air outside, hiding things that lay just around the corner, but within the confines of our home, the air is clear and buzzing with anticipation.

The kids return to school tomorrow after one of the longest breaks in recent years. They are restless and ready. Though they won’t openly admit it, I can see it in their eyes. There is comfort in the routine of waking early and shuffling off to the bus stop, of nightly homework and upcoming spelling tests. Basketball. Science fairs. Guitar lessons. After two weeks of “What are we going to do today?” there is a silent yet happy resignation to accept and live within the unobscured demands of The Schedule. Not that there won’t be surprises. I am the most spontaneous of dads, and get a thrill out of loading them all in the van for a getaway to You’ll-Find-Out-When-We-Get-There. Trips like that are sweeter when they fall within the realm of the unexpected; a chance to break the monotony of lives lived in predictable increments.

I also return to work tomorrow, after a two-week shutdown. Again, one of the longest stoppages many at the plant can recall. It’s no great secret that times are tough, and despite management’s hopeful prognostications that things will swing back around, there is no shortage of concern. Many people who are currently on layoff went voluntarily, which means that if things don’t pick up before too much longer, they will be called back to positions that aren’t available. And since someone has to go to make room on the floor, yours truly will be, once again, without a job. The best I can do is start setting money aside, hope for increased sales, and trust that the guys at the top are doing their part to bring in enough new business to keep the workers in the plant. Time will tell . . .

And a week from Monday, I head back to classes at IPFW. I still have a few kinks to work out, and an incomplete in Ethics to wrap up, but if all goes according to plan I’ll be taking a graduate-level course on the Theory of Knowledge and a Religion and Culture class, both of which will bring me six credits closer to wrapping up my philosophy degree. That would leave a second year of Spanish over the summer and one more semester of independent study courses before I get to walk that big aisle and receive my degrees. At the tender young age of 41. Yeah, the future looks bright . . .

But for now, I have a book to finish reading, perhaps a video game to replay, because kicking Pyramid Head’s ass is sooo much fun, and at least one more favorite movie to watch again before hitting the rack by 11:00pm. That’s a busy day for a guy waiting on deck, but there’s no better time than the present. Waiting in the wings. Before the crowd cheers at my name, I cease my practice swings, and I take my turn, digging in at the plate . . .

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15 thoughts on “On Deck

  1. I think that Sean is ready and I am sure that Sarina is ready to get back to her friends, if not to her last semester, and all that that entails. I am ready to get back and get some work done myself. The only bad part about the end of the holiday season is the fact that it is several months before there is another good excuse for multiple days off in a row.

  2. So here’s a question. When you load them all up in the car do you know where you’re going? If you were realllllly spontaneous, the answer to that question would likely be “yes”.

    Good luck on the job front. It’s scary times, eh?

  3. I remember the “tomorrows” of my past. The night before the kids went back to school and I back to work at the school. Disorderly order would return and all would know their place (not that they kept it, they just knew it).

    Wishing you good things, like a job and success in school, in 2009!!!

  4. Oh, you make me laugh. You really do. What? I know this post wasn’t intended to fall in the humor category. But, your favorite video game, along with movie is categorized “Intellectual Horror”?????!!!!!

    Oh, philosophy majors.

  5. There have been MANY times when I’ve loaded the kids in the car, having a general idea of where I’d like to end up, and pulled in some place completely unexpected. Strange, but fun.

    And Pat, just because it’s fun doesn’t mean it has to be mindless. Case in point: Some family came over the other day to enjoy an evening of movie watching. It was either The Bunny House (which they brought) or Little Miss Sunshine (from my collection). I hated that they went through all the trouble of bringing a movie, but I bet you can guess which one we ended up watching . . .


    Boomcoach=Cthulhu Master! Hope you are recovered enough for work, my friend . . .

  6. Oh, I bet you watched Little Miss Sunshine (which I loved) but I suspect they “went to the trouble” to bring a movie…seriously, how much trouble is it to bring a disk in your pocket?….Anyway, I suspect they’ve visited before and thought they’d bring something they’d like to watch just in case you brought out some intellectual horror!

  7. I try to be accommodating, but there’s some things I just can’t stomach . . . not even in small doses. The Bunny House!? Puh-leeze . . .

  8. Frailty………….what a nasty movie, very disturbing but great acting.

  9. I had my first day back at work today after 2 weeks off. The kids are back at school and The Schedule is a like a big comfy chair right now… or at least until the schedule gets too much. Then it’ll be time for a holiday again. Who says we don’t chase our tails!

    Thanks for posting. I always enjoy your blog.

  10. Schedule. Love to hate it. Hate to love it. Need it. Wish I didn’t. Don’t seem to do well without it.

  11. Got to admit: I have never even heard of “The Bunny House”!!

  12. http://www.bspcn.com/2008/12/17/the-decline-of-civilization/

    Speaking of your philosophy degree, this link tickled me…

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