Everybody’s Doin’ It

Making year-end, best-of lists. ‘Tis the season for that sort of crap, and who am I to buck the trend and sit this one out.

(WAIT!!! For those of you who loathe reading this sort of tripe, and are feeling an extremely convincing urge to skip to the next unread post in your Reader, feel free to skip this one and read my last, real, non-ordinary post of the year. It’s particularly incendiary. And I won’t be offended. Honest . . . )

So, I spent some time browsing through The Cheek and pulling out some of my personal favorite posts. Of course, many didn’t make the list, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them. There were posts about leaving the church and posts about philosophy. There were posts about hospital stays and dental nightmares. And more than a few about trying to quit smoking. Long-time Tweakers will be familiar with many of these posts, but if you’re new, or bored, you can search the categories and read about whatever suits you. It’s not like you’ll be doing anything else on the NYE, right!?

So, (do I say “So” too much . . . ? Hey, there’s a good new year’s resolution . . . abandon the word “so”. I can do that . . . !) without further ado, my list:

March – My Morning with Mini-Miley in which I ponder the significance of Hannah Montana.

April – Fergielicious in which I try and come to grips with boys and pornography. (In April, I also wrote a review of William P. Young’s The Shack. To date, it’s my most viewed post.)

May – Role Play in which I ruminate on Arby’s Big Montana.

June – This month was a toughy, so I chose two: Sunrise of Your Smile in which I wish myself a happy Father’s Day; or Whiskers in which I pay tribute to my grandfather.

July – What Are You Going To Do With That?, SOTA, and Being Kirk in which I spent three posts trying to justify school loans at 39.

August – Sister in which I say I love my sisters, evil though they are.

September – Apples in which I share a slice of summertime life.

October – Lava in which I finally convince my daughter to sleep in her own room.

November – Another toughy: Smoochin’ in which first kisses are remembered; and The Taming of The Brow (my second most popular post) in which I lose the hair above my nose.

And finally, December – If You Give Daddy a Donut in which I whimsically recreate a children’s classic in typical Cheeky fashion.

You’ll notice . . . there is no January, February, or March. I started The Cheek late in February of 2008, and some of those first offerings are rather embarrassing. Read them at your own risk.

Seriously though, it has been such an honor to write for you. Some of you have been here from the beginning. That you’re still here makes me blush. And for those relatively new Tweakers, I hope you stick around. The best, as they say, is yet to come . . .

Be safe, my friend . . .

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7 thoughts on “Everybody’s Doin’ It

  1. I’ll stick around. You always (well, mostly) have something to make me ponder or remember or wish or something along those lines. I’ll stick around. Have a wonderful 2009!

  2. I am glad I have gotten to know you this year 🙂

  3. Happy New Year, Brian! All the best to you and your family….D

  4. If I’m evil, you taught me how to be.

  5. Umm . . . I think my wife’s been drinking . . .

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