Icy Tears

Jack Frost is a bastard.

An ironic, heartless, unblinking purveyor of stillness and doom.

The talking heads tracked his furious approach and issued their warnings, prognosticating his arrival during the nighttime quiet, and he showed up locked and loaded, pissed off and dripping with wintery madness.

So they canceled school.

Usually this would be an occasion for much rejoicing.

On any day but this one.

Instead, my children are in tears. Today was to be the last day before the holiday break. There were parties planned, teacher gifts had been baked, wrapped in foil and gently placed in a basket to ensure a safe and seasonally striking delivery, and my oldest daughter was to dance around Frosty the Snowman in a musical celebration that has been rehearsed ad nauseum. And now, with the crackling sway of power lines and roadways bathed in slippery crystalline beauty, there will be no Friday feting.

So we will spend the day waiting. We will wonder if the power will kick off and not spring back to life. We will watch the mercury rise past freezing, so the melting can begin. We will eat warm pancakes and drink fresh-brewed coffee, crowding out our grief with a hearty, home-cooked breakfast. And, once the heartache passes, we will enjoy the company of grandparents who arrived from Minnesota yesterday morning, with nephew and grand-nephew in tow.

Yes, we blame them for bringing this doom upon us. This shit is routine where they are from. We remember those days – plugging in the car and shoveling for hours just to find a surface to walk upon – and are thankful we live here, where this shit doesn’t happen too often.

. . .

Just seconds ago, the power flickered and a crash was heard outside my office window. So I am posting this while I still have a connection to the internet. There is much to share about the past few days, including a belated birthday wish and an update on finals. But I have some fretting to do . . . and some tears to wipe away . . .

[photo credit]

UPDATE: My son read this and, being the kind of kid that believes everything goes better with music, suggested I post this little ditty.  To set the mood.  To paint the picture.  To help relieve the tension through some aggressive headbanging.  So, here ya go . . .

Metallica – “Trapped Under Ice”

I don’t know how to live through this hell
Woken up, I’m still locked in this shell
Frozen soul, frozen down to the core
Break the ice, I can’t take anymore

Can’t move at all
Can’t hear my call
I am dying to live
Cry out
I’m trapped under ice

Crystallized, as I lay here and rest
Eyes of glass stare directly at death
From deep sleep I have broken away
No one knows, no one hears what I say

Scream from my soul
Fate, mystified
Hell, forever more

No release from my cryonic state
What is this? I’ve been stricken by fate
Wrapped up tight, cannot move, can’t break free
Hand of doom has a tight grip on me

15 thoughts on “Icy Tears

  1. I’ve got a few cubes myself this morning–but only because school was NOT canceled. Man, I could have use a couple more hours.

  2. You make me wonder why I am leaving my 80 degree hell for Iowa on Monday …

  3. Listen, you: I see a bush underneath that light up there. “See” being the operative word here.

    If you’re still seeing green, that ain’t snow, or ice, or even remotely bad weather. Tell your local school district to get it together and quit disappointing little childen, the weenies.

  4. The oh so exciting holiday parties: exactly why we were all so happy that school in our tiny little district was not canceled today.

    Stay warm!

  5. We got ice last night which is… meh, but it killed all the snow which is SO not okay. My brother is psyched tho- we never got snow days in Nor Cal.

  6. we have no school as well…

    so we are cooking gingerbread houses, decorating and listening to christmas music….

    concert was rescheduled for january…

    work christmas party too…

    but i am essential staff and got to report at 11pm…

    turn those tears into something fun!

    sorry its rough…are you getting the snow too?

    we are getting over a foot…

  7. There has been no school for the entire week here. I haven’t been able to leave the house in almost a week. I’m going crazy with no one to talk to and nothing to do.

    I take that back. There is something to do…worry about how I will get my daughter from the airport on Sunday night when we’re expecting an ice storm.

    Of course, this is really not the norm for Portland, Oregon. But it’s here nonetheless. If it were normal, everyone would be prepared and the whole place wouldn’t shut down!

    Have your daughter dance her routine for you anyway. The family can all gather round and watch her as they enjoy eating all the goodies that didn’t make it to school today!

  8. Oh she’d love to dance the routine – except it’s a group number and kinda hard to do with no Frosty and no other Friends to do it with. She’ll still get to perform the routine – in January – only it won’t be with her grandparents and cousins sitting in the audience. I think that’s what bothered her the most.

    We have had a lot of fun today – but she is getting bored. Great. Bored already and it was only the first day of a 2 week break. HELP!

  9. No snow. And, as my wife mentioned, we did end up having a cool day. No pun intended . . .

  10. That really sucks, burning a snow day on a party day.

    It seems like every place in the country got ice this past week except for Florida.

  11. I hate to say it, but I think I’d rather have my -30 and plain old snow instead of the freezing rain/snow you get. Life goes on no matter how cold it is.

  12. I like the way your son thinks; when the going gets tough, the tough RAWK OUT! And there were more than a few “last day of school before Christmas parties” cancelled when I was a kid (-40 + an hour long school bus ride=too much danger) and I don’t know if my heart has ever been broken that badly. I can relate, kids.

  13. Yow…I’m sorry that the kids missed that important day of school. I can understand the tears at losing that special day. There are so few truly special days in a school career, IMHO. Hopefully they can share something special when the break is over, though it won’t be exactly the same.

    Drop by my place today for a little sumpin-sumpin…

    Peace – D

  14. If it’s any consolation, the picture is really cool.

    You’d better have had a snowball fight. It’s not proper snow until you throw it at someone. It’s just frozen water on the ground getting in the way.

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