Envelopes and Logic

Remember envelopes?

I used to keep a box of them sitting on the corner of my desk. Back when I used the United States Postal Service.

Now everything is electronic. I file my taxes online. I receive and pay my bills online. I send zillions of emails.

And, as of this writing, I don’t even know how much a stamp costs.

Even Christmas cards are rare. You remember . . . cardboard folded and embossed with pictures of Jolly Old Saint Nick, The Baby Jesus, or angels singing “Hosanna”? We used to get enough cards each year to fill a shoe box. This year, we’ve gotten two. Either people hate us, have forgotten about us, or they just aren’t doing the mail thing anymore.

But this morning, I needed an envelope. I had some important documents that needed to be snail mailed. Couldn’t be submitted online. Couldn’t be faxed. Nothing that simple. Instead, I had to rummage through the trash and re-gift a junk mail envelope. Those junk mail people. Purists, I tell ya. They still use the post office. And for once, I’m grateful . . .

In other news . . .

I’m eyeballs deep in finals week. Got one in, oh, about two hours. And I still need to eat breakfast. Since I’m in a rush, I’d appreciate it if someone would please send me a natural deduction proof for the following tautology:

((p -> q) v (p -> r)) <-> (p -> (q v r))

Anyone . . . ?

I’ll bake you cookies! And send you a Christmas card . . .

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20 thoughts on “Envelopes and Logic

  1. On one hand I’m glad that most of our written communications don’t need to be put down on paper and be physically transported around by some oil burning machine.

    On the other hand I’m worried for future generations who might be interested in this time that we live in.

    Where will all the letters we have written, be, for the historians who need them to make sense of our time?

  2. You totally lost me on that equation. I sent out 42 Christmas cards and I have received 9. We did Kodak photo cards because for once, we actually got a decent family photo in which each member is looking in the right direction. It’s a Christmas Miracle!

  3. First, good luck on the final(s). Brain cells unite!

    Second, I still enjoy using pony express. I like receiving a card or letter the old fashioned way on occasion, and I send people hand written notes. It’s always appreciated. I have envelopes if you need ’em.

    Third, I send Christmas cards/letters – 150 of them. I’d be happy to send one to you if you’d like…

    Fourth, good luck on the final(s)! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Well, I actually do have envelopes, stamps, and even return address labels that I printed for myself (with my website URL listed in fine print at the bottom, of course). But you completely lost me on that math question. Is “tautology” even a real word?

    I’d go on a rant about how stamps are $0.42, but then again, I’ve long since wondered is the US Postal Service really even relevant anymore?

  5. No clue whatsoever what tautology is. I thought those were some new emoticons I hadn’t seen yet. True story.

    I’ll send you a Christmas card! I have way more cards than friends, trust me, and come 12/26 I’m gonna have a whole lotta extra if I don’t find people to graciously dump them on. (Seriously. Email me. You’re worth the [21 cent; ahem] postcard stamp.)

  6. I shall happily avoid your request for assistance with tautology, for skirting around tautology causes me such joy.

  7. Ooooohhh…and what is that avatar that just showed up beside my comment? Oh my. It appears to be a germ that is devilish in nature and intrisically evil.
    OK. No more talk of tautology.
    I cannot find it within myself to stop, nor does it seem I have the ability to bring this to an end.

  8. I have no idea what you just wrote at the bottom of your post, but I think you attempted to summon a demon of some sort. I love real letters! I do hate real bills, though.

  9. We mail out cards every year. Photo cards at that! I sent out about 30 or so this year and so far I’ve gotten about 5. Every year I say I’m not sending out cards because no one sends us one, but then I end up doing it anyway. Next year – no cards!! LOL! I have a small roll top desk packed with stationery, envelopes, and greeting cards. And I actually have a few pen pals that handwrite letters to. Not as often as if we emailed, but it’s still hand written correspondence. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I’d send you one but you’d probably send me an electronic Christmas card!

  11. um, yeah. My head just exploded

  12. What’s the answer?

  13. Yeah, I’ve only gotten 3 “real” cards this year. I suspect I’ll get a lot of electronic ones as it gets closer to Christmas. Call me a purist, but I still love the old-fashioned ones best.

    Good luck with your finals!

    Peace – D

  14. I have come up with the most brilliant plan: I send happy new year cards. This way I don’t have to worry about being politically correct and I don’t have to find my always-missing address book because I only send cards to people who have sent them to us! This year, so far, I’ll be sending four.

    As for the deduction? Here’s what I worked out:


  15. You know the only use I have for the stack of envelopes on my desk now?

    To write notes from websites on.

    Says a lot that…

  16. 55 cents in Oz.

    You have to be careful about regifting envelopes. They often have bar codes that the Posties scan rather than actually looking at the address. I did that once and ended up sending a quite, er, personal letter to Discover Card. They did not consider it my monthly payment.

  17. Believe it or not, I still write my Grandma (in a nursing home) a letter every week and mail it. And I see her every Sunday. It makes her happy to get mail ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. You know what I use envelopes for? Sending a check to my daughter’s nursery school. The school uses a processing firm that charges for electronic payment (even though it would likely cost them less to deal with money this way). I refuse to pay the 3% fee (more than $12/month) so I buy stamps and pay the 42 cents.

    When I get envelopes (junk mail mostly) I love to use them to make lists. The long envelope is perfect for this, and the process so soothing – one item on a line.

  19. my daughter gets off the bus every day, checks the mail box and comes back with about 3 – 4 cards a day….

    hmmm maybe us new englanders haven’t caught up with the times?

    I love seeing her face light up as she opens each one, she loves the glittery ones.

    I love seeing my husband’s face light up and look at each one as if it holds a meaningful secret for him.

    We sent out photos of the kids- so email me your address and i’ll pop one in the mail for you.


    This years are my favorite- NUTCRACKERS! oooooh. I swear they make money by printing pretty stamps that we have to save at least one each year lol.

    and today, in school with my son’s class making home made gingerbread houses.


    and martha stewart I am soooo not.

    AT work, we made a teepee one; i’ll have to post it as soon as i get a free moment.

    as for that math jibberish ? i have no idea. no habla that language.

    but i understand finals…been there, done that, got the degree…

    and now living it through my oldest….which seems so much more painful…being woke up at 3 am to answer questions about certain formats…hey, i got my degree, how come i am here again LOL.

    get through these exams and take time to enjoy the season!

    (and take some different classes; those math words are freaking me out)

  20. Nah mate – your on your home, you’ve got me there – botany and soil science are my subjects.

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