Nope, I didn’t do it.

Corina did it, big time. She managed to also do the NaBloPoMo thing.

I think Jennifer did it, but I have yet to see any official confirmation from her end. If not, I know her sister did it.

Even the Struggling Writer ceased his struggling and did it.

A 50,000 word novel in thirty very busy days. Broken down, that’s about 1,670 words, or about 5-1/2 double-spaced pages of prose, per day.

Impossible, I cry. And yet as of this morning, 1,643,343,993 words had been written and submitted by NaNoWriMo participants.

I’ve done my share of fiction writing, mostly short stories for various writing classes, or pieces written and posted here at The Cheek. But a novel?! Hell, no. Nothing even close. Not that I’m short on ideas. I’ve got a million of ’em, all funky and fermenting in a carafe somewhere in the chilly, nethermost corner of my mind, abandoned behind all the school work and the work work and the daddy work and the husband work and the paying-the-bills work. Or, to borrow an image from author and creative writing professor Heather Sellers, my ideas are like a bunch of perfect roses turned to ash; I know they are beautiful, so I lock them away for safe keeping – awaiting the perfect time to flesh them out and commit them to paper – only to discover that they have returned to dust when I go to smell them again. She writes, “It’s comfortable, satisfying, and fear-reducing, like a baby pacifier, to have ideas for books. Book ideas are reassuring and interesting, like imaginary friends.”


I am jolted by the realization that so much of my life has been nothing more than a bunch of ideas. And as philosopher David Hume suggests, ideas aren’t things; they are merely “a perception of the mind which involves thinking of something instead of actually (first hand) experiencing it.”

There is much to chew on here, but the clock is ticking and finals week is swiftly approaching – and experience that I will. Even as a harbor a greenish tinge of envy toward those who are not only smelling the roses, but replanting and watering them with pen and ink.

I tip one of my many hats to those of you who are doing the work of writing . . .

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16 thoughts on “MeNoWriNoNoFoNaNoWriMo

  1. Thanks for the tipping of the hat. I almost died trying to pull off NaNoWriMo this year, but it feels nice having done it two years in a row. I don’t think I’m going to try next year, but I said that last year.

    Writing a novel is crazy difficult. The thing is just so big! Also, I get tired of writing “he said” “she said” and having people smiling and nodding all the time.

  2. strugglingwriter – As Stephen King once pointed out, “he said” “she said” is alright as long as you don’t go adding a bunch of “-ly” words to describe how he or she said it. Let the dialogue do the talking. Again, congrats!

  3. Arrrraaaaggggghhh! You’ve gotten into my head. And my guts with this one. Ugh! What a vexing and beautiful post. Beautiful = reminds me of times I’ve been able to will some idea onto paper. Vexing = every time I’ve willed an idea into the recesses of my mind and turned it into some whisp of a thing that I can never get my hands on again.
    Most vexing of all? That I know the ‘fix’ to the vexing part is simply making notes to myself that will help me recall later…and sometimes don’t even do that.

  4. who me? i did it? well – in short or long, maybe i did. what did i do?! hmm .. lots of things .. a beautational thought once of creating the newest universal mathematical way of methodic thinking and blasting it out there for all to be astonished. no, stunned really – which has always been my goal. been so long since I been out here .. I forget the name I used last so I thus embellish on prior implications of sanity to come up with something perhaps usual but not; reality but none; delinquent of mind suggesting emptiness but the bit of decadence to fulfill the need of none such thing .. words are wonderful – so, did I really do it – have i acheived the Mine? ahh – but what one has done is only and always a matter of perception and how some one or body perceives that — and then what does that make the rest .. perhaps i need to write on that next .. till then ..

  5. And out of the wings flies my tireless muse . . .

    Do NOT go away again!

  6. Enormo kudos to the NaNoyada people, but not everyone is supposed to write a novel, you know. There are other ways to contribute.

  7. ahh .. thine poor dispondent soul of souls .. I didst not intend such a lapse with my untimmely and sudden distancing.

    .. guess it had something to do with that ranting fiendish flogger that siteth at the corner from my professional abode. ya see – I got up ta hear (that is not a typo) with it one day .. so i let him have it – in all his prejucial fickle self-righteouse look down his nose bullsh*t – let him have all of it.. an yup. I went all dad on his ass.

    at the loudest of my times within the entirety of my career – and I am sure at the soundest of awareness, although it did not seem that to the onlookers and watchers – and of which I am not certain of whether to be proud or ashamed (odd that). Proud because I stood on my own ground and laid it all out there regardless of consequence and stood up for myself .. ashamed because I lost my cool .. my control .. I let him get to me .. all his credit-taking gopher-crunching dissment of productivity creativity and projecting sustenant lies .. as such, I cleaned out my office and it remains bare although I did come back to it.

    I didn’t think that they would ask me back either .. but then perhaps they figured they’d have to buy out the 100 shares I own and decided it wasn’t worth it? mebe they had a stricking of conscience due to the fact that I really am a single mom that doesn’t get musch outside help and they’d already screwed me once and didn’t dare do it again? not sure .. mebe there are some here who really do like me and respect what I am capable of .. whatever the case may be, in this time and place, I am thankful and blessed to have a job. specially after I yelled at my boss. hell! I think I’da fired me. ok. mebe not.

    so there ya have it. the reasoning behind the distance. I have now begun to re-reach the pinnalce of my confidence with a plus. I don’t actually care what they think anymore. I know I am damn good at what I do and they would be really stupid to let me go after I pulled in 40k in excess of my salary the year before the yell. kinda makes me think I should go off on my own and do what I do. I could make a blessed killing if I knew how to go about doing it. but alas, I lack the courage there.. so here I am .. I shant go again.

    I hated the go but it had to be done for a time while things calmed down and for that all contributing scribes here have my profoundest apologies.

    .. a Muse should not abandon her importunate verbiate. ’tis but writer’s death unless they are able to manage somehow through fiant determination .. so I leave you with this .. the statement is so true – but it is indeed a deeper thought that appears from its own deliciousness of condescendence .. Stupid really is as Stupid does.

    Its good to be back. I need the outlet as much as you, my verbiate.

  8. I started (8000 words) and had to stop because of another more pressing responsibility. But my sister finished, and I’m amazed.

    And sad, that I couldn’t finish. But there’s nothing to be done about that now, and I’ll get back to it when I can and pretend that it’s okay that it’s not finished.

    Until then, like you, I’ll tip my hat to those who made it.

    And, to you, I tip my hat. All the work you do, including the progress you’re making in school, is no small thing. Remember that. All progress is progress. No matter how you feel right now, you’re not sitting still. We can all see that so clearly, and I hope you can, too.

  9. Wonderful post! Life is moving too fast. How do we pause to accomplish important work, when it seems everything we’re doing is important?

    I tip my hat also to those who write, paint, photograph, create… those who just do it. Sincerely applauding – the post and the doers.

  10. I think that once you have the time, or are able to carve out some time, you could write a fabulous novel. The quality of your writing here shows it. If you want to do it, you will. You have a lot on your plate right now but some day that will change and you’ll be able to do it.

    I didn’t think I could do it and the first time I tried it, I was overwhelmed and quit. Then the next year I did it in 17 days. I’ve done it two more times since then, each time taking me longer and longer. It’s a challenge I need to complete, for my own sake.

    Thanks for the mention. And much luck on finals!

  11. Everyone is right. BT – you are truly a literary genious. and I have had the honor of reading some of your more unique non-public stuff.

    Give yourself the time .. grant yourself the patience .. within the right frame of all of it, the book will come and it will flow freely from pen to paper .. all of those shadows you have put on shelves .. and they will all combine into one beautiful endgame of all endgames.

    ciao for now bello

  12. I have to write either a thesis or dissertation. I can’t contemplate more.

  13. So if it isn’t sort of obvious. I started my blog last year as an aspiring writer. In the beginning before I completely updated and revamped my blog, I only talked about my publishing journey. My quest with my first and only novel as it were. I still write posts on it when I successfully send out letters to literary agents, but I haven’t actively been doing this for awhile, hence the no posts on it. So far I have 9 rejection letters tucked away in my archive files, which I do in fact read every once in awhile just because. I mean a rejection letter shows that you at least started the journey. They actually don’t even phase me like I thought they would. Word has it on the publishing market if you get 40 rejections then your doing really good.

    My book used to have its own page on my blog, but I took it down for sentimental reasons.

    My story is a young adult fantasy novel.
    Synopsis: Tess Sanders would give anything to once again speak to her mother Abigail, but the fatal car crash has made that impossible. Her grief consumes her. Now, a year later her grandmother Jocelyn, who has been absent in her life for almost eight years, is giving her a chance to make her with a reality. With only two weeks left of high school, Tess is thrown headlong into another world full of magic and mystical creatures, beginning the journey of a lifetime. If that’s not bizarre enough, ever popular Conner Everett her neighbor and long ago childhood friend, has decided to join her in these unimaginable games. As the battle between the two faerie courts unfolds, Tess must face-off with the most powerful faerie queen in centuries. How will she cope and defeat the malicious Ezma at her deceitful games?

    Pages: 402

    Word Count: 109,014 <— As of this second. It changes every time I decide to work on it.

    I won’t lie, I wrote half this book when I was sixteen years old and I finished it when I was a Sophomore in college. Writing takes time, but if you really work at it things will happen. I have the rejection letters to prove it and one day, I’m going to have the letter of all letters. The one that says wow, good manuscript we feel that we’d like to work with you on this. YES! haha.

  14. hey Big Guy! How do you know you are not writing a book? Just thought I’d ask. I think everything we say, do, write .. this is all contributary whether we realize it or not .. I’ll bet you could take allot of what you have written and tie it together somehow. Depending on where you were (at the time of each writing) with things in life, your experiences, etc. These are the things that determine what flows from the writing medium.

    I submit to you that you have already written your book.
    How many thousands of words have your written in your lifetime?

    It’s just all over the place. Like a dot to dot waiting for your children complete it. Pick up a pen and connect the dots. Stop trying to figure out what you want to say or what you could say if only you could get this idea or that one out .. Try taking a look at what you have said.

    I’ll bet you have a kickin book if you connect the dots. Even the ones that don’t seem to fit. Try that and see if it works. who knows .. maybe it will?

    1. I have thought about this alot. I have written so much since I began blogging that there must be a memoir in there somewhere . . .

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