A weekend off. And with a major midterm coming up in Symbolic Logic, I should have spent my time doing this . . .

Instead, I read this . . .

Definitely more interesting. Not only do the concepts of philosophy fascinate me. I also enjoy diving into the lives of the great philosophical minds. Most of these chaps were far from boring. But I wasn’t all nose-stuck-in-a-book, boring man. Oh no! I did some of this . . .

. . . after going to Wal-Mart to buy a new leaf rake. What good is raking leaves if you can’t put them in a big pile and bury one of your kids in it? During our drive to and through town, we saw some beautiful . . .

. . . and interesting things. Like, what’s up with this dude?

Is this just-a-bit-better-than-a-moped, sounding more like a lawnmower than anything motorcycle-related, merely a baby step toward owning a real chopper? He had the look, though. The one that says, “I am one bad-ass dude!” I hope he gets there one day.

Speaking of looks, my daughter had one as well . . .

A look that says, “Why, oh why, did you wake me up this morning?!” Trust me kiddo, I can relate.

I spent a small portion of the weekend contemplating the “coolness” of my new Man Purse . . .

I needed something to carry all my crap in while at work. I move around the plant quite a bit, doing different jobs as necessary, and hate to try and juggle my books and medication and tools. So I bought a book bag. It’s heavy-duty, has a bunch of pockets inside, and a lifetime guarantee. But I wonder if it’s a bit too girlie looking . . .

Some of the guys at work are giving me shit about it. Which doesn’t bother me, per se; I am confident enough in my manhood to carry a pink BlackBerry . . .

. . . which doesn’t really look pink in the picture, but you are an imaginative bunch. And what’s up with that look?! It’s so Attack of the Unibrow Man! Maybe if I struck a manly pose . . .

Nah! Perhaps I should go for the Jack Bauer Man Purse . . .

Now there’s a manly mug!

Speaking of mugs, check this one out . . .

He let his new girlfriend give him a trim. This is a kid who would rather listen to Hannah Montana than get a haircut. That’s a whole lotta love, I tell ya.

So, yeah, I didn’t study much this weekend. I should probably do some right now. But the sisters just showed up . . .

So we’re gonna grill some brats . . .

. . . and try to convince this one . . .

. . . to share his Cool Ranch Doritos. I anticipate a battle . . .

This was going to be a post about procrastination. But I’ll write it later . . .

In the meantime, I have some more cool moments to participate in. And isn’t that what the weekend is all about?

And, just because WordPress now says I can, how ’bout a quick poll . . .

18 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend. And hats off to you on the man purse. You are definitely secure in your manhood if you can walk around confidently with that one. Personally, I would go for the Jack Bauer model. (

    I truly respect your pink blackberry. I will tell you about my pink screwdriver sometime.

  2. I doesn’t look girly but I think I’m heading down to B&N to get one for myself. That bag looks awesome…and you say it has pockets and stuff inside?! Wow!

    It sounds like you’re having a great weekend!

  3. There’s nothing wrong with your book bag! I like it, and it’s not a bit girly. Trust me, with your handy unibrow, no one is mistaking you for a girl anytime soon 😉

    But remember, never put Descartes before de Horace. Get cracking on your philosophy homework! I’ve been in your shoes before, and it’s so easy to let that homework start falling behind. Once you do, as a working adult, it’s hard to catch up. Now with my hubby in school, I sometimes want to whine when he’s home and get him to spend more time doing fun things with me, but I realize how hard it is.

    Have fun with what’s left of your weekend and enjoy those brats! (the human kind, too)

    Peace – D

  4. Oh, I love Love this! Just fun. And, that book bag looks essential as well as a pink blackberry. Now, THAT, is a girlie but I agree your eyebrows should undercut any of that!

    Who was your photo assistant? Very good job all around and I love the sense of family that comes across all amidst Symbolic logic and Descartes, and, of course, Doritas Cool Ranch and Brats. The complete weekend!

  5. I rock a man purse too. It’s way too convenient too get rid of…I can throw anything in there. The friday beer on by blog was quite the philosophical beer.

  6. She Who Must Be Obeyed took most of the photos, but the Little Photo Princess took a couple too. And She Who Must Be Obeyed is going to have much fun with these photos some day!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend – and the Fall colors are beautiful. Brats, Cool Ranch Doritos, books, a pink blackberry, and a Barnes and Noble bag – throw in a beer or two and I could live on that stuff for a week!

    The bag looks fine. I’m being honest.

  8. MY ANSWER IN POLL FORMAT, because Word press says I could:

    a. I’m not feeling the man purse. Apologies all around but I think in fact you COULD rock a far cooler purse. I have that kind of faith in you.
    b. “This was going to be a post about procrastination. But I’ll write it later . . .” Don’t think you slipped under the radar with that witty nonsequitur. I saw it. I LOL’d etc with the best of ’em.
    c. “But remember, never put Descartes before de Horace.” OHHHH CLEVER!!!!!! Your commenters are funny funny
    d. the haircut looks good, the girlfriend did a nice job
    e. your poll didn’t give me the option to check MORE THEN ONE!
    and finally
    f. HELLO, yes sir, how cool IS your pink blackberry. I’m very supportive of that particular fashion statement…but for men actually. You should get the Paris Hilton Swarovski crystal embellishment kit. Sort of a Blackberry Bedazzler if you will…. (ok, i made that up)


  9. “But remember, never put Descartes before de Horace.”

    From the Did You Know department . . .

    As Descartes lay dying, a dutch physician named Wullens, the personal doctor of Christina, the queen of Sweden, was summoned to attend to him. Descartes and Wullens were no strangers: Wullens had been one of Descartes’ most vocal critics following a reading at Leiden University. When Descartes refused to allow a bloodletting, Wullen washed his hands of the situation and left muttering the words, “He who saves someone against his will does the same as to kill him,” penned by a Roman poet named Horace.

    See, I learned something this weekend, and it spilled over here . . .

  10. I was okay with the bag, but stop calling it a “man purse” – maybe “soft satchel would sound more butch?
    You obviously have masive cahones, to carry a pink crackberry!

    It looks and sounds like you were doing far more productive things than blogging – good on ya!

    Mmmmm, bratwurst…is THAT why I craving them the other night???

    Such cute kids – I want red hair!

  11. I laughed at your procrastination comment too! Funny! Your posts are always so fun to read. Such talent. I’m jealous.

    Keep the man purse…or send it my way, I’ll put it to good use.

  12. Keep the satchel, but call it a sack. Yank out that unibrow.
    Oh my that was a hilarious post.

    The photo I like best is the kid with the Cool Ranch Doritos. You ain’t gettin’ those.

  13. What a great bunch of snaps!!! Thank you for inviting us into your world – that reading material looks a little too heavy for me!!!

    I like the bag!!!

  14. The man purse rocks, and you carry it off well. Besides, I’m all about function over form (most of the time. I am a girl after all). Looks like you had a great weekend, and that’s what weekends are for; procrastinating, enjoying life, and eating grilled pork products!

  15. I’m cool with the manpurse. I live in hippie central (for a midwestern state, anyways) so I know a bunch of people that have them. I did stare at the eyebrows for about 5 minutes though. Perhaps you should consider waxing or plucking? I hear shaving does some unfortunate things.

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