This is a static post and will remain at the top of The Cheek for the duration of my series of guest posts.  If you’ve read all this before, please scroll down for the latest addition . . .

So, as you may have heard, I’m waiting for my computer to be resurrected by the healing touch of some faceless Best Buy geek.  I just hope he washes his hands first . . .

And, despite the fact that I may at this point only have a handful of readers left, the show must go on.

So, in the spirit of the panel show, that stalwart of pre-noon broadcasting where insightful topical discussions and jocular palaver abound, I’ve asked some friends to join me in a discussion about parenting and change.  Only my panel show takes place outdoors, over coffee, or Guinness, if you prefer, in chairs that leave marks on your ass cheeks.  Smoke ’em if you got ’em, but please blow up, as a courtesy to your host.  Each guest has written in response to the question, “What is the biggest change you’ve endured since becoming a parent?”

Let’s face it: kids have a way of upsetting the apple cart, regardless of how much we plan for and joyously anticipate their arrival.  We learn to change diapers, suck out noses, and make airplane or choo choo noises with spoonfuls of Blueberry Buckle.  We spend a couple decades guiding them and teaching them things we may never have learned ourselves.  Seldom do we stop to consider the sacrifices we make as parents.  What have we given up?  What dream or desire have we tabled with a sigh and a whispered promise to return to it once this year’s crises are over?  And who knew they don’t do math like we did anymore?!

Lest you chastise me for making it all sound so negative, I’ll readily admit that many of the changes children have brought to my life have been extraordinary and deeply craved.  To be given the opportunity to set aside my own often misguided ambition and invest time and energy into the life of a child bears fruit that is neither bitter nor tasteless.  The juice of paranting has dripped down my chin and soiled my shirt and I am loathe to clean it off.

So grab a mug or a pint and let’s get started.  This introduction will stay at the top of my blog through the duration of this series of guest posts, so scroll down to read each new entry.  I invite you to join the discussion by leaving your comments.  I also encourage you to visit each guest’s blog.  These folks are both amazing writers and enviable parents, and I’m grateful they’ve each taken some time out of their hectic schedule to share some truths here at The Cheek.  So tweak away, Tweakers!


Oh!  Before we begin . . . remember my cousin Eddie I wrote about over the summer?  He and his wife welcomed offspring #3 this weekend.  He’s finally got himself a little girl!  Way to go, Ed!  She’s beautiful . . .

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6 thoughts on “This Week’s Lineup

  1. oh this will be fun. bummer about your computer. that happened to me last year and i flipped (an example of my crazy addiction. i borrowed a friends within a day because i couldn’t stand it). kathy

  2. Love the site–found you through Praying to Darwin’s hot mama.

    And–I graduated from IPFW with a Poli Sci degree in 2001. :humming “It’s a Small World”:

  3. OMG – how exquisite. That little pinky baby footie is making my wizzened ovaries ache..

    Too much?

    OK, just let me smell it – ahhhhh. It’s like baby powder and hope and fresh cotton.

    Yay, Cousin Eddie AND wife of Cousin Eddie (who I’m sure did a lion’s share of the work)!!

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