Next Message . . .

The Good

My seven-year-old daughter Zoe is one crazy cookie. Not a boring sugar-and-spice one but a monster-sized, chocolate-dripping-down-yer-chin, glazed-and-frosted, double-dunked, cavity-causing cookie. She’s up from the word “Up!” and doesn’t wind down until her body forces her to pass out somewhere; Zoe sleeps the kind of hard, immediate sleep that results from living a life filled with adventure and wonder. And once she discovers something new, she seizes it and makes it her own thing to explore and tear apart and manipulate. I’m the man in the yellow hat, for she is forever my Curious George . . .

The Bad

She’s discovered how to use the phone. What joy it brings her little heart to pick up a piece of plastic with incandescent green buttons and reach all the way across the universe, just to talk with someone she loves. She’s always been a very personable child when others call. Says hello, asks who’s calling, and then passes it on. But now she can dial. And she knows my cell phone number by heart. Couple that with a phone on the desk in my quiet, remote bedroom and you get . . .

The Messages

I get these while I’m at work, where I can seldom answer the phone. I’ve tried to tell her, “Daddy can talk to you only when the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 7!” But who’s got time for clock-watching when you’re seven and have a happening life to live. So she leaves me messages. And they always make me smile. Hearing her precious voice as she runs through the minutia of her day grants me a welcome pause in my hectic routine. She is a sweet and significant part of the future I’m plodding toward. And we are connected at the ear . . .

12 thoughts on “Next Message . . .

  1. Awwww!

    What a sweet little voice she has! It would be really hard to chastise her for calling all day, when she says such sweet things to you.

  2. I think my favorite one was when she tells you she’s back, tells you to hold on- yells at someone in the background….and comes back with a sweet message voice!

    she’s like my daughter!

    precious, save those forever.

  3. gahhhhh!!!!!! I am totally dead from the cute.

  4. OMG – I love this! It’s so cool that you have preserved these for posterity. We have a sound file of our daughter when she was little and sweet like this, when we were trying to get her to record a hello message on a tape recorder for her Uncle David who was serving in the USMC in Nairobi. There was a whole lotta “No!” going on.

    Peace- D

  5. What an adorable little girl!

    You know, mine are much older now. They’re 26, 23, and 18 but when I get voice mail from them, I still save it. I can’t bear to erase their voices from my phone.

  6. Aww that’s kind of sweet, though!

  7. I try to save my kids’ voice messages too; there voices aren’t as sweet now that they are teens…shhh, don’t tell them I said that! 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing this a bit of love. Kids have a easy way of making things better. She’s a sweetie, that’s for sure.

  9. Bop! You are silly!

  10. Your first paragraph was breathlessly beautiful.

    Her first line melted me.

    You are both so lucky.

  11. I love those messages. I especially like how sorry she didn’t sound that there wasn’t enough ice cream left for you. Too funny. 😉

  12. Those were so sweet, and funny in that little kid, got no filter kind of way. I can see how these messages would simultaneously make your day and break your heart.

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