There seems to be a lot of waiting going on in Blogland these days.

Maggie is waiting for news and rambling. Christine is struggling as she waits for the call. And Martin is enduring the worst kind of waiting imaginable. Becky is biding her time doing the meme thing. And That Girl’s having computer woes.

So you come here after a breathless week of waiting and get . . . not much I’m afraid.

Skellie’s advice is usually dead on. So I sighed loud enough to wake the cat when I read this:

Assuming that you have enough time to produce as much content as you would like, the ideal post frequency for a small readership blog is probably once every two days.

I’ve failed you, dear reader. Not only am I not posting enough, as of today the quality takes a nosedive as well.

Fear not. I have many interesting things I’d like to write about. I have an eloquent and insightful draft about the power of inclination in regards to religious belief. There are beginnings of posts about further dimensions of my weight-loss journey simmering on the back burner. Posts about the kids? Yeah, I’ve got a few of those I could publish as well.

But lately, nothing is taking shape. And time is limited since school is back in session and work is squeezing this turnip a bit too tightly. A friend of a friend once scolded me for not writing enough. Writers write, he said. And since I wasn’t writing, I obviously didn’t want to be a writer. I remember being simultaneously offended and outed as a poseur.

Skellie did have the heart to add this, however:

In reality, if you can’t sustain quality content at this frequency then your ideal frequency would be as regularly as you can manage while maintaining peak quality.

Peak quality. That’s what I’m shooting for. And lately it just isn’t coming. So you’re gonna have to wait . . .

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20 thoughts on “Wait

  1. I agree about the peak quality. Better to say nothing than the kind of thing I posted yesterday… but like I’ve said before, sometimes you just want that community, you know?

    Don’t fret, Brian. Your nothing is miles ahead of a lot of people’s somethings. We’ll still be here — you have to *live* life before you can write about it. πŸ˜‰

  2. Absolutely.

    I like your blog because I can take my time, if that makes sense.

    I can see a new entry, but wait to read it for a day or two or more.

    I like that.

    And AMEN for quality over quanitity.

  3. What the Magdalena Muse said above applies – your lack of content is still waay more content than some.

    It has been a really slow week – of course I broke all the rule and posted three days in a row, and the subsequent lack of traffic sent me into a downward spiral of self doubt and personal loathing. I’m just that together, man!

    Thanks for the linkage – I might just be able to put the knife back into the drawer…!

  4. Hmm, interesting advice about blog posts. I’m going to ruminate on that for a bit…

  5. Brian, write when you have time, or when what you have to say cannot stay unwritten. Few of us have so much time to kill that we will think bad thoughts about you for not providing us with fodder.

    One thing I have always respected about you is that when you say something it is worth listening to (as opposed to my own non-stop blatherings). It is always woth waiting for.

  6. Fear not. We’ll all still be around.

    I have been having similar issues lately. Not only are my thoughts not wanting to percolate completely (so I’m relying on a couple of things I had stored) but I’m also dealing with the change of seasons, which – for me – always brings with it a bit of melancholy….and I’ve always been more of a bulldog person.


    Peace – D

  7. I’ll just wait … good thing to do sometimes, eh? I need to learn this lesson myself – WAIT – but I shall continue to stumble and bumble where even fools will not tread. Peace.

  8. I feel you on this, Brian. Sometimes there just isn’t time, or inspiration. Happens to me a lot. I hate to write something banal, but you know…life is frigging banal sometimes. I’m not a writer, I’m just a person who writes for my blog. I don’t think I’d ever have time to do anything else, maybe after I retire but I don’t ever plan on doing that.

    Getting ready to start school myself soon, and I really don’t think I’ll ever have time to blog again after that. Just can’t imagine it being possible, with work and a family and school.

  9. michael.offworld August 29, 2008 — 11:30 pm

    Obstacles can be illuminating despite their frustration. Maybe you’ll learn something new about yourself…


  10. I don’t mind waiting. I don’t think you are going to lose readership.

  11. The call has come.

    But I am going nowhere, dear I will read whatever words you have to say. Whenever you have to say them.

  12. hey brian i never mind waiting. i have never heard that stat before (i am so lame and don’t know anything about technorati or digg or stumble or all those other things i think i’m supposed to ??) but that’s wayyyyy too much pressure. i am with the other commenters, not going anywhere πŸ™‚

  13. May I say that you can take all the time in the world on any posts about religion.

    Your atheist admirer.

  14. Writing might happen like water from a geyser. Just you watch out!

  15. This way we have time to read everyone (I can’t make it everywhere everyday)!

  16. Every time I find myself getting impatient at waiting for something, I reflect on the fact that all things come to pass and soon turn into memories. I try to stop myself from wishing that time would pass more quickly because life is already passing too quickly.

  17. As far as I know, my quality is pretty sucky. And I’m not nearly as frequent as I used to be.

    Eh, it is what it is and people love ya enough to wait.

  18. I know what you’re saying, Brian. I have a dozen “almost ready” posts for my blog but none of them are “ready”.

    My mind is distracted these days. That too shall pass as I settle in and begin to write again. Soon. Soon.

  19. I am totally on board with posting quality instead of quanity, and from I’ve read here you have no worries with quality thing. It is nice to be able to read and digest something over a little time, rather than scarfing it down to quickly and moving on. Kind of like enjoying a grourmet meal as opposed to a happy meal.

    I am going to embrace that theory and delude myself into thinking that’s what Im doing on my blog.. yeah, yeah- quality- that’s what it is. πŸ™‚

  20. I had a blogging crisis last week, panicked because I really had noting to say, for DAYS. Then driving home from work one afternoon, it hit me. A post. Hit me like a smack in the face. And as I was writing that post, another one hit me. Now I’m a flood of blog posts.

    So what I decided is this: I’ll publish the ones I just HAVE TO GET OUT now. The others I’ll start, do the best I can on limited time, and save the, Let them languish in my drafts folder for the next crisis. Which I’m sure is just around the corner.

    It’s all good.

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