This is my 100th post.

If you recall, it promised to be a doozy.

But that was before this . . .

That’s how much I weakly scrawled the check for this morning. For a new alternator and serpentine belt, labor, and battery charge. The morning we were to hit the open road.

Ain’t it pretty?! The family carriage is operating at maximum efficiency again.

But the miniscule amount in our discretionary spending fund has left the building. So we’re staying home.

How about we all agree that this will be officially and henceforth be known as post #99.5? ‘Kay?

All I’ve got left is this . . .

But . . .

Go see Flutter’s and Jennifer’s posts. Please? Make it all worth the effort.

Like Marvin, I’m hopelessly depressed . . .

11 thoughts on “99.5

  1. The only way staycations don’t suck ass is if that $393.28 goes toward a couple of nights at a nice hotel with some great food and palm trees and maybe a fake beach for the kids. Otherwise? What you said.

    Crayons are a nice touch!

    Thanks for the link, and I’ll go add you to the post now.

    Sorry about the stupid car repair.

  2. Ouch. Expensive alternator. It is amazing what it costs to get a car repaired these days.

    I am also sorry about the staycation.

    On the other hand, I like the crayons. You all look very happy on the swing. What a very cool idea.


  3. Staycations are definitely not as much fun as the real thing, but at least the van is fixed!
    And I love your crayon writing – the way you highlighted the others – I’m all bummed I didn’t think of it.
    I’m getting ready to put one of thses up too – I’m such a follower…sigh!

  4. And as I was telling someone recently, I hate the word “staycation.” It’s like “webinar.” Give me a break!

    I also loved the handwritten posts. See, look how all that anger is being funneled into creative energy. 8)

    Hope it turns out OK. I really am sorry to hear the vacation blew up.

  5. Crayon’s ROCK!

    Do you think that the drawing maybe Zoe’s way of telling us she want’s a baby brother or sister? That AIN’T happening, I hate to tell her! She’s just stuck being the baby in this family!

    We’ll make it – We’ve been through crap before, we’ll go through it again. At the end of it all we take a good shower to wash off all the stink and realize that we managed to make it through once again.

  6. That has to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen Crayon blogging phew dang gonna have to get me some of those crayons and play a bit again! Love that drawing btw!

  7. That stinks. We had something similar happen, although it was $800 and it happened AFTER the little extra money we had was already spent on the vacation. Who needs savings, right?

    Awesome, hand drawn post. I should do that. I have made 2-year-old handwriting skills.

  8. I know your wife Garsy on CW.
    My favorite word is prestidigitation- I just love the way it sounds when you say it.
    Your unibrow beats my husband’s- and he’s half Lebanese!

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