Someone Else?

(This post contains a first for me.  An audio file!  What’s the point in printing lyrics if you can’t listen to the song?!  Just hit play on the little player above the lyrics and be amazed!  However, if you’re reading this in a blog reader of some sort, you may have to scroll down a bit to find the player . . . )

Spent some time looking in the mirror this morning.

Really looking . . .

Not for blemishes.  Those are too numerous to count.  Not at the chalky toothpaste splatters.  Solidified and oblong.  They’ll be swiped soon enough.

The hard kind of look that eventually grows pensive.  Where you no longer see what’s there but what has been.  And what could be.  What lied behind.  And what stretches endlessly ahead.  I see a blurry image of a weary and desperate man grasping for a life ring that keeps drifting out of arms reach.  And then I smile, witness him figuring out how to relax.  Learn to float again.

I see Someone Else . . .

When I fell from grace
I never realized
how deep the flood was around me.
A man whose life was toil
was like a kettle left to boil,
and the water left these scars on me.

I know now who I am.
If only for a while,
I recognize the changes.
I feel like I did before the
magic wore thin and the baptism
of stains began.

They used to say I was
nowhere, man,
heading down
was my destiny.
But yesterday, I swear,
that was someone else not me.

Here I stand at the crossroads edge,
afraid to reach out for eternity,
One step, when I look down,
I see someone else not me.

Looking back and I see
someone else.

All my life they said I
was going down,
but I’m still standing,
stronger, proud.
And today I know there’s
so much more I can be.

From where I stand at the crossroads edge,
there’s a path leading out to sea.
And from somewhere
deep in my mind,
sirens sing out loud
songs of doubt
as only they know how.
But one glance back reminds, and I see,
someone else not me.

I keep looking back
at someone else… me?

. . . and then I confidently flip off the lightswitch and walk into my life.

(We’ll be on vacation starting tomorrow.  Going down south to visit my side of the family.  Hoping Papaw has a good day while I’m there.  And looking forward to working on my 100th post.  It promises to be a doozy . . . )

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6 thoughts on “Someone Else?

  1. I love this post, b.

  2. I love the last line: “I confidently flip off the lightswitch and walk into my life.”

    Have a good holiday! Drive safe.


  3. You came a long way in the space of minutes.

    Have a great vacation!

  4. I love this post too. And you gave it a soundtrack of a favorite band. Nice!

    Have a great vacation. I hope PawPaw has a good day, every day you are there.


  5. I don’t know the song, but the feeling is sure familiar!
    Hope you have a lovely vacation and everyone is well.
    Congrats on the upcoming 100th post!

  6. These words vibrate in my soul, thankyou my friend.

    Have a great Holiday!!!!

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