Look Up!

I’ve never been much of a photographer. I know my way around a point-and-shoot. But taking really inspiring pictures?


So when I meet someone with an eye for capturing the beautiful side of this crazy world, I am simply amazed.

Do yourself a favor, Tweakers. Go over to Michael’s blog. You’ll be amazed as well.

Thanks Michael for contributing the new header here at The Cheek. You’ve got talent, my friend . . .

. . . and you’re a helluva writer as well.  We need to do lunch one day if I ever find myself in the Great White North.  Or if you ever venture into the Lower 48.  Chicago?  Detroit?  Indy?  I’d rent a scooter just so we could hook up.


6 thoughts on “Look Up!

  1. Yeah, gorgeous photos! I’ve added his blog to my blog reader list.

    Peace – D

  2. Beautiful header, and the other shots is killer as well! I’m going to have to go check him out – maybe I can pick up a few pointers!

  3. Thank Brian. So much. I’m glad the universe brought us together.


  4. Great photos, I love storm-cloud shots. And I love the new header.

  5. Oh, I so enjoyed this suggestion to go and visit Michael! I love both these shots. And, I learned there was a whole photoblogging site as well. You have to pay so much a month, I think. But, at least, I now know it’s there. Thx.

  6. that is a beautiful picture.

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