For Now

I’m still feeling a bit weak from my recent hospital stay (more on that later) but I wanted to post a quick update about my daughter’s trip to Niagara Falls. Did the cousins have a blast? You decide . . .


15 thoughts on “For Now

  1. You were in the hospital?? What’s wrong?

    Your pics have made me want to visit Niagara Falls. Have you ever read Joyce Carol Oates’ novel, The Falls? Very good book about the whole Love Canal era.

    Peace – D

  2. Sorry to hear about your hospital stay. Hoping that things are better- Awesome pictures of the kids at the falls. Take care-

  3. Wow! That first picture requires a raincoat to simply look at. Take care! The camera she got as a gift sounded like it could do everything and kiss her goodnight! My kind of optics.

  4. Those are awesome pics! I’m going to show them to my daughter who is trying to decide where our one-on-one trip should be. I’d suggested Niagara Falls.

  5. That looks cool. And damp, obviously.

    If you’ve been in hospital, I hope you got them to give you a bionic eye with a laser beam. Mainly because I really want one and need proof that they exist somewhere. 🙂 Seriously, hope you’re keeping OK.

  6. Me! Me! I’m the one in the green hat! I really wasn’t expecting the news that dad was in the hospital. My grandma knew about it, but she didn’t tell me because she didn’t want me to worry. I got the news about an hour into the ride home.

  7. Looks like it was an awesome trip! I’m very jealous – I love Buffalo and Niagara Falls, but I am a bit biased – its my hometown.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon – you know, when I read your story about your near death trip to the hospital, I thought it was something that had happened in the past. Crikey man – I can’t believe we almost lost you – cut that out right now!

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