Just as I’m starting to get used to all this free time. Reading books I want to read. Enjoying blogs, both the fresh and the familiar ones, and welcoming new Tweakers. Finding the freedom to enjoy my schooling; digging deep and thinking hard, working the muscle between my ears . . .

I get a certified letter from my company.

They are calling me back.

I clock in for the first time in eight weeks on July 7th.

Definitely not what I considered a possibility when they laid me off. The housing market sucked back then. Sucked for quite a while. And it’s not getting any better. So the pessimist in me is worried.

Perhaps they are bringing all of us back just so they can let us go for good next time. Sooner rather than later I would guess.

Maybe a bunch of people are heeding the call of retirement. Summertime is the best time to shout “Take this job and shove it!” and my company has no shortage of eligible employees.

We’re an innovative company. Perhaps the brains have found new fields to tap. And demand necessitates more feet on the floor.

It’s got me all flummoxed.

But return to work I shall. Just so my wife won’t kill me . . .


17 thoughts on “Heigh-Ho

  1. aww it’s good that you’re going back. hopefully everything will work out for the best.

  2. Wow, outstanding news. If only for a while. You are working again, continuing with your studies. Freaking outstanding.

    Oh, and one other reason comes to my mind. Perhaps they know a really good employee when they see it.

  3. working gives structure, I find

  4. Great News Brain! Awesome.

  5. Hey, free time is overrated, anyway! Right? That’s what you’ll tell yourself, anyway. Congrats on going back to work. I hope it lasts for you.

  6. I switched to a four day week last fall to make time for the stuff I really love to do and it was great. I wrote stories, entered competitions, and farted around until we started having trouble paying the bills (family, mortgage, etc.). I’m back to five days and feeling less money-stressed but more time-stressed. Damn money! It always wins.

    A compassionate person said this to me recently: “Your time will come. Cliché? Perhaps. But you’ve got talent and ambition. So hang in there . . . ” I pass it on to you.


  7. Congrats on the callback. What is this free time you speak of? Where do you purchase some of that? 🙂

  8. That’s good news, then?

  9. Um, yay?
    I’m glad that there’s work to be had – money coming in is always nice, but yeah…I hear that note of dammit in there too. Seems like there’s never enough time to the things we want to do, is there?

    Where the hell is Ed McMahon with that giant Publisher’s Clearing House check when you need him?

    No really – where is he?

  10. Woah, trippy! But good? Right? Maybe?


  11. You’ll still be a writer whether you go back to work or not.

  12. Hope it’s for nothing but good reasons, Brian. I would be lost without work, I swear. I don’t plan on ever retiring to be honest.

  13. Congratulations. Lay offs can be devastating. Have you ever read The Disposable American (I think that’s the title)? You seemed to be dealing with it better than many; perhaps because you have this passion of writing?

  14. Work can sometimes help you enjoy your free time.

    Without evil there would be no good.

  15. Welcome home, tysdaddy!!! We’ve been missin’ ya! i was going to send a casserole but then some one reminded me that we wanted you to feel better not worse.


  16. Just not a casserole with potatoes in it! Or at least a certain potato we all know and love . . .

    I did just get home today, so I’m grateful for your welcome home note. At least yours didn’t wash away like the one my kids drew on the driveway with chalk. I think they managed to get some pictures . . .

    One meal shy of three days in the hospital. At least now I’ve got something to blog about . . . after I get a bit more recovery rest . . .

  17. Are we related? Because I’ve been guilty of that kind of wacko pessimism too.. Job calls you BACK to work and you think “oh, God! They’re going to fire me!?” LOL

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