Still Bored??!

by Brian

Then allow me to pass along yet another totally-time-wasting-yet-way-too-much-fun lazy summer day craft project, this one courtesy of my buddy The Struggling Writer.

  • Open any document on your computer that you desire to see magically transformed into a word cloud work of art.
  • Surf over to Wordle.
  • Cut the text of your document and then paste it in the window at Wordle.
  • Click Go.

And voilà!

I created that one from the longest post I ever composed. Much more concise, dontcha think?! This next one is created from a short story I wrote a few years ago titled “Disconnected” . . .

Bet you can’t guess what the main character’s name is? And this last one is from a term paper I wrote about philosopher David Hume . . .

You can monkey around with your Wordle quite a bit by changing the number of words shown, colors, fonts, and layout. But since the resulting Wordle is displayed as a Java image, you can’t save it except to the Wordle gallery. Finding your Wordle in the gallery is a bit of a chore, so I just took a screenshot (using the <prt sc> key . . . you know, the key you never use and probably won’t be able to find . . . ) and then pasted the image in Paint Shop Pro. From there I selected the Wordle portion of the image and saved it as a .jpg file. I posted these images on my Flickr photostream if you’d like to see them a bit bigger.

For you Tweakers who are cursing me for my lack of “meaty” content these past couple days, please stay tuned. I’ve got some very cool posts in the works that need to simmer a bit more before I serve them up. Stuff about bucket lists and the tyrant of memory and chocolate milk. So hang in there. In the meantime, take a break and do something fun. Make a mosaic or a Wordle . . . and smile.