Tweakers Unite!

Attention all Tweakers!

You know who you are! You’re the faithful and proud readers of The Cheek of God.

You read my posts!

Even the LOOONG ones.

And you tweak The Cheek with your comments.

You tolerate, nay enjoy, the madness that is The Cheek of God.

And you need a new button!

So here ya go . . .

Pick your badge and display it with pride!

Coming soon . . . I’m a Tweaker! ball caps, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, wall murals, his and hers flannel and silk pajamas, satin bed sheets, doo rags, thong bikini bottoms, Barbie & Ken apparel, mufflers for the pooch, temporary tattoos, stretchy textbook covers, lamp shades, window blinds, one-size-fits-all steering wheel covers . . .

(My professor failed to show for class today – again – so I rebelled and goofed off instead of studying. Or looking for a job. We’ll return to normal programming shortly . . . )


6 thoughts on “Tweakers Unite!

  1. Cool! I guess I’m the first to do this! I’ve posted a button with a link on one of my blogs. Will do the other one later tonight.

    Peace – D

  2. Can I get a Tweaker beer cozy? 😉

  3. It’s on its way, complete with a set of Tweaker coasters and a cast iron Tweaker bottle opener. Enjoy!


  4. hey the new site looks good!

  5. I’m holding out for the temporary tattoos. Just to freak out Mr. H. But I wouldn’t turn down the wall mural or the Barbie & Ken apparel.

    You’re funny.

    Love the new look.

  6. You’re so silly…I put your goofy label on my page. Cause I’m silly like that, too.

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