High Blog Pressure

So I’m visiting Pat’s blog this morning and after reading some of the comments I discover what I’ve been suffering from this week – High Blog Pressure.

See, I do this thing for me. I enjoy writing about my life; like some obsessed mental archeologist, I get a rush going through my treasure chest of trash and digging out the gems. Some posts tear me up emotionally while others leave me smiling and sleeping better at night. At the end of a post, when I mash the Publish button, I relax a bit knowing I’ve unearthed, polished and presented something that will help me heal, grant me the grace to put one foot in front of the other, and get busy living.

And then there you are – my faithful reader. You take the time (probably more that you have to spare) to read my stuff, and I am left honored and humbled. And I am forced to admit that there are times when this isn’t just about me, for in sharing with one another we carry the load together. I enjoy reading your comments and interacting with you via email. My flock is small but made up of some of the neatest people on the planet.

Then the day comes when blog stats go through the roof. I notice that most of the hits are coming from one particular site so I surf on over to see what all the fuss is about, just a little bit scared that someone of questionable intent has linked to me and is about to cause me an ass load of grief.

Thankfully that wasn’t the case.

A couple months ago, when I was just starting to make a dent with my blog, I’d submitted The Cheek for review at Ask and Ye Shall Receive, a blog run by some interesting (to say the very least) folks who do that sort of thing – review blogs and give suggestions for making them better. They are a tough lot to please but I figured I could handle it.

Well, my time had come. Judgment day approacheth! I hardly slept a wink as I waited for The Queen to post her thoughts. Was she going to give me the flaming finger? Would I end up on the short bus? And what about the ones who would read the review and swing by? Would they rip me a new one too?

Am I really that hard up for approval?

I didn’t think so. But there I was . . . sweating it. Badly. My blog pressure was spiking and I felt lightheaded and nauseous.

Ends up they kinda dug me. The Queen respected the content of The Cheek and wrote a review filled with honest insights, helpful recommendations and sincere thoughtfulness. After the review was posted, I spent the entire day interacting with new readers and visiting a bunch of cool blogs. It was the busiest day I’ve ever spent blogging. And, thankfully, my blog pressure returned to normal.

So did my blog stats. And I’m ok with that.


On a side note . . .

Obviously, blogging has become a big deal to me. And now it’s starting to rub off on my two oldest kids. To help them keep their writing chops sharp, I have encouraged them to start blogging as well. We spent the last couple days getting them up and running and they’re finally ready to share their writing with you, my faithful and considerate reader. You can check out Aryn’s blog here, and Ty’s blog here. Feel free to leave them comments as you are led. Aryn is really excited about all this and is becoming quite the WordPress pro. Ty? Well, being a teenager he doesn’t get excited about too many things anymore. But I did catch that grin recently, so I know his blog will take off as the summer progresses. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “High Blog Pressure

  1. There is no reason for them not to dig you, you’re good stuff. I would be petrified to submit mine.

  2. Personally, I find a lot of cool blogs from AAYSR. They rated one of my favorite blogs “Coal Miner’s Granddaughter” with the highest rating, so I figured they knew their stuff. I submitted my own blog recently. Fingers crossed!

    Peace – D

  3. I can’t wait till my kids spill their thoughts online…or can I.
    I dig your blog. It makes me want to explore my artistic side.

  4. wow. very interesting, brian. good for you! definitely too much pressure for me to send my blog for review.

  5. The wait time to be reviewed isn’t really all that bad, for those of you wondering. I probably waited two months, but in that time my blog had begun to take shape quite a bit. I would have hated to have seen my review way back when I submitted. There wasn’t much there back then.

    And thanks to those of you who visited and left comments on Aryn’s and Ty’s blogs. This is new to them, so be patient. We’re learning some valuable online etiquette . . . slowly.

  6. maggie, dammit June 9, 2008 — 11:33 am

    Ahhh, high blog pressure. Man I have been there a hundred times before. I don’t know the cure, although you seem to be handling it pretty damn well. Kudos to you (and your blogging kids!)

  7. Hey! Congratulations on the good review – they can be some seriously picky folks to please. There’s no way in hell I would submit to them – with my luck it would be the day they decide to hate everything, just so they could write clever crap about it. (Have you read some of their past reviews? I’m telling you – you dodged a bullet!)

    Great term: High Blog Pressure – I love it!

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