Laid Off & Laid Up

First off, I’m NOT DEAD!!

And it’s official now. I’ve been laid off by the company I work for. My last day was this past Saturday.

This whole thing has left behind that all-too-familiar bitter taste. The only communication regarding the layoff came in the form of a posted piece of paper on the bulletin board. A piece of paper that originally spelled good news: the layoff was to be by seniority within our classification, in accordance with our contract. That would have saved my job. Then the very next day a revision was posted stating that the layoff was instead going to be based solely on seniority. No explanation was given for the change. Not even by our very company-friendly union which obviously had a hand in the final decision. And there was no indication as to how many would be sent packing. I sent out a very cordial yet strongly-worded email to several people on both sides of the situation. No one took the time to reply. So I have questions. What about my vacation? How long until my insurance runs out? You know . . . things of the not-so-insignificant variety. Conveniently, the HR folks went home early the day the list of affected employees was posted.

The plant-wide grumble-factor reached a fevered pitch that evening.

So I spent my last day making nice (sort of) and doing my job well one last time. Then I headed home to polish my resumé. I’m surprisingly optimistic at this point. Despite my cheerful attitude and gentle manner (or perhaps because of those things), I never really fit in there. Also, the opportunity to look for work closer to home is a welcome one. So, I’ll be alright.

But first . . .

I’m having major oral surgery tomorrow; time to bring back the old, confident smile that’s been tentative and weak as of late. Sure my teeth will soon be made of high-grade plastic, but a smile’s a smile. I see Tylenol with codeine, several rinses per day, mucho sleep and large doses of malaise and incoherence in the not-so-distant future. My biggest fears? What will I sound like when I speak? Will my wife still want to share those wet, passionate kisses with me anymore? And how the hell am I gonna pay for all this? Things could be ugly for a spell.

Do me a favor. Those of you with kids? Tell them to brush their teeth every once in a while. Especially the ones they want to keep. If you need some scary pictures to hang on their bathroom mirror as an incentive, I’ll send you some real doozies.

Your thoughts are coveted and appreciated in advance . . .


12 thoughts on “Laid Off & Laid Up

  1. maggie, dammit May 12, 2008 — 6:11 pm


    I am SO sorry about your job and your date with the dentist. I’m sure the codeine will help somewhat, but still…. oof.

  2. All that, and it’s only Monday! One of the reasons I read your blog is your upbeat outlook, but I’m sure it’s tough when a guy with a mask and a pair of pliers is staring down at you!

    I admire your attitude about your job as well — I wish I could always look at the bright side like you are. Good luck with everything, I’ll have a good thought for you tomorrow for your surgery!

  3. awww i’m sorry, brian. that’s really too bad, but these things often happen because something better’s coming along. that whole saying, when one door closes, another one opens. something good will come along. keep your spirits up until then.

  4. You do sound optimistic and I think that will serve you well in the long run. I hope all goes well with the oral surgery and with your job hunt!

  5. Sorry to find you at home these days. Glad to see you taking it well. I am sure things will work out in your favor soon.

  6. I am so sorry to read about the layoff…..We were recently thinking about taking out a loan to finish renovating our home- (that is to make it liveable lol)….and decided to wait and see with this economy. We have stable government jobs- but aren’t rich by any means- and live dependent upon union negotiations.

    Your oral surgery scares me even more- LOL…

    Hope the week turns around.

    I tagged you for a MEME….never have I done this before- do it if you chose, or leave it…….

  7. That sucks! Your attitude going into this is awesome- something that will certainly factor into your job search. Good luck with the teeth. ( I’ll take you up on the pictures- I have two teens that could use some inspiration)
    They say “everything for a reason” and at times that doesn’t make very much sense, but there very well may come a time when you look back on this as a turning point in your life and your career. I wish you the best of fortune as you head off into the job market. You know you are not alone in all of this. That is what is so awesome about friends and family. We will always be here to support you! Good Luck Brian-
    On the plus side you have time to add to “the Cheek of God” now! Not to mention spend more time with the kids, and your wife while you find another employer. I am hoping that this is a very positive time for you and you family in spite of the stresses. We will keep you guys in our thoughts and prayers.

  8. Thank you everyone. I knew I could count on you guys for a dose of encouragement. Maybe I’ll take my laptop and blog while he’s chiseling away. I have a webcam. I can put it up live!!!

    [banging head against the wall]

    You all are awesome. Really.

  9. Web-cam! web-cam! web-cam! web-cam!

  10. I’m not so sure I’m into the live and unedited version . . .

    I’m also reworking some sort of resume. I’ve got about 18 versions. There is the Church one, the Church-is-a-bad-word one, there is the exhaustive, pack-rat one, there is the one with the photo, the one without the photo (how old is that picture?). There the new sexy “CV” (whatever that means, but some people are into that). And the “They don’t really care about all of that” one which manages to fit on one page if I make the font really really small.

  11. Oh that’s horrible. I’m really behind on my blog reading and I had to catch up on your happenings. You’re so positive, it’s inspiring. I love your comment on who’s paying for all this! No joke. I got charged $50 with insurance for a teeth cleaning. I picked the wrong degree in college.

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