by Brian

Today, my post from last week titled “A Boring White Wall” was featured on Indie Bloggers, a website dedicated to promoting those of us who do this blog thing as a means toward becoming better writers. I like the site because it’s stripped of all the frills and thrills that usually appear on blogs (mine included). There are no links in the posts, no pictures, no distracting badges, banners or ads, and no sappy comments; just a new piece of quality writing, usually updated daily. Stacy does a fine job of keeping the content fresh and consistently unique, no small feat I imagine, and I applaud her efforts on behalf of all of us who love writing.

So add IB to your favorites (it’s in my blogroll, or click the badge to the right or the link above), or simply subscribe to the feed, and enjoy a bit of fresh writing every day. You won’t be disappointed. Heck, you may even be inspired. Your call . . .

</shameless self-promotion>