Flight of the Hamsters!

Stop whatever you’re doing (you can even quit reading my blog . . . for just a few minutes though, ok?) and click here for the most addictive game I’ve played in some time. Your friends will hate you! Your family will turn off your surge protector! Your boss will fire you! But you’ll make that damn hamster fly if it’s the last thing you do (before hopping in the unemployment line). Have fun, and be sure to come back here and let me know how far your hamster flew. My daughter sent one 183 feet. OMG!!


4 thoughts on “Flight of the Hamsters!

  1. Fun game… It is a bit addicting. I can’t believe the filters here at work don’t restrict it. (give the I.T. guy time) My best was 185 feet…. all the others inthat group were between 0 and 49 feet, so the average was dismal.

  2. 185 feet is very impressive. I think my furthest flight was just under 50. Way to go!!

  3. Tysdaddy,

    I did whack one of those hamsters 85 feet. He did a lot of bouncing and hit a springboard. So I guess I was assisted in my whacking.

  4. I made one fly 182 feet. One foot short of beating Aryn. To quote Mojo Jojo, “Curses!”

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