Spaghetti – A Final Poem (for now . . . )

I’ve had a blast the last couple days rediscovering several poems I wrote for the class I mentioned a couple of days ago in this post. Before I put my chapbook back on the shelf, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share one of my personal favorites. George asked us to take out a piece of paper and write down two words. Any two words. He then collected the papers and wrote the words on the board in some random haphazard fashion.  Our task was to take the words and write a poem.

In an odd sort of way, my poem almost makes sense. Enjoy!


I relish snowberries and frankfurters
     on honey-scented buns

All I eat is solemn and majestic
     with scents and tastes that linger

Long past the conjugation of
     spaghetti, peculiar, incandescent

Even among tables peopled in vain
     with throbbing chrysanthemums

And a lone iris, and a solitary
     daffodil, and sweet-pickle relish

With gothic mushrooms gusseted
     in root beer bottles, “How absurd!”

I lick the salt, barnacled on the
     table leg by drooling Sylvia

In the darkness one lonely, Van Gogh
     evening, drowned in lilies

While a bearded seal, its tongue moist, slathers
     Delia with sandpaper kisses.

2 thoughts on “Spaghetti – A Final Poem (for now . . . )

  1. Okay, what were your two words? I am curious to know what words would have popped into your head in that classroom. Fun poem!

    Honestly, I can’t remember. Nothing as cool as frankfurter, I’m sure. Thanks again. – B

  2. This is beautiful too! How amazing, you can write prose AND poetry. Not I, Cow Pie.

    Give it a try. It only hurts for a couple weeks . . . – B

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