Unleash Your Inner Pollock!

OMG!! Every once in a while I Stumble Upon an extraordinary web page. Here’s one for ya . . . go visit http://jacksonpollock.org and let your creative side spill forth!

Suddenly, work won’t be so boring.

Don’t let the blank page excite you. You’ll notice your mouse becomes an oozing splash of paint that you can move around. Just like painting with real buckets of paint, the longer your mouse lingers on one spot, the bigger the splash. Move your mouse faster and the paint becomes a thin trail. Click the mouse and open a new can of paint in a random color. Before you know it, you’ll have a masterpiece on your hands!

If you don’t like your painting, just hit the space bar and you get a new canvas.

And if your boss catches you, give him some speech about the correlation between left-brain creativity and job performance, and then get back to painting. Heck, you may even get a bonus!

Enjoy . . .

[photo credit]


3 thoughts on “Unleash Your Inner Pollock!

  1. OK… that was fun!!!

  2. Who knew creating a masterpiece could be so easy!!

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