Three (freewriting 1.6)

Name three times when it came to you clearly that you wanted to write a memoir.

When the professor said I needed to work on a writing project in order to get an A in my Research Methods for Professional Writers class. I had taken the class once before but needed to put it on hold due to a job/shift change. At that time, I was considering a memoir on my experiences getting back into the world of roleplaying games. I had a good start and did a bunch of fun writing, but it just never felt like it was going anywhere. So, this time around, I decided to retrace my spiritual journey.

I’ve been involved in spiritual things my entire life. Born and bred to be an upstanding Christian. But so much of what I’ve experienced . . . well, they are experiences, to put it plainly, and they’ve shaped my outlook on life and religion in very profound ways. When I talk to people about faith, and my recent lack of faith, I find myself telling about this or that time in my journey. I guess I feel the need to put some of those experiences into words. How did this person or that church or set of beliefs affect me? What shapes my beliefs at this point in my life, and how do they jibe with what’s gone before? Those types of questions haunt me and prod me to reach inside my head for a season and spill my proverbial guts.

Also, I want my kids to know where I’ve come from. Writing honestly about your life means leaving something behind. Even if it’s just a bunch of nonsense in a journal, it will be cherished for generations.

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3 thoughts on “Three (freewriting 1.6)

  1. When 14 I joined an ultra-fundamentalist Christian church. It took years for me to get over that, and by then, like you, I’d had so many other spiritual experiences to shape my views. In the past few weeks, I’ve finally found a level where I’m happy with my faith.

  2. What a fascinating question (and answer).

    I need to go ponder my own answer now.

  3. Daniel,

    I’m amazed. It only took you a few weeks!

    What’s your secret?


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