Kill Doctor Lucky!

With a few moments to spare before Dear Old Dad had to go to work, we decided to have a quick Family Game Night at the Thomas house.

Family Game Night is always an interesting time for our family; our kids range from fourteen all the way down to seven, so finding a game that everyone can enjoy and understand is a struggle. We’ve done Uno, Hit the Deck, Sorry, and even more creative, intellectually challenging games like JabberJot and Scrabble. We’ve played lots of games and had a blast with them all.

But no game has been as big a hit as Kill Doctor Lucky by Titanic Games.

I borrowed the game from a friend who I play Dungeons & Dragons with a couple times a month. We’d played it at a particularly slow session a few months ago, and pulled it out again today when half the party didn’t show up for the campaign.

What a blast!

The concept of the game is quite simple: Doctor Lucky is bored. Or perhaps he’s just a pacer, for all he does is wander around his huge mansion. Your job is to sneak through Doctor Lucky’s house waiting for an opportunity to corner him in one the 20+ rooms and send him to his dirt bath using myriad weapons of varied efficiency. Being sneaky is a must; no one can be in an adjacent room or have line of sight to the room your in when you unleash hell on poor Doctor Lucky. You can manipulate your own and Doctor Lucky’s movement, to a point, but he’s a quick dude and will slip away if you don’t play your cards right. And even if you do finally manage to corner the good Doctor, the others in the party get a chance to trip you up and make your murder attempt fail.

My 10-year-old daughter caught on quickly, using her cards in interesting combinations to be the first one to attempt a kill, but the younger ones struggled – putting all the movement, room and weapon options together was a bit above their level. But with a little coaching, they were able to get their licks in, and their laughter added a whole new level of fun to the evening.

If you’re looking for a fun party game for either your next get together with friends or your own Family Game Night, why not give Kill Doctor Lucky a shot.

You’ll laugh your butts off, I guarantee it!


2 thoughts on “Kill Doctor Lucky!

  1. OK, I’m not kidding, I need to buy this RIGHT NOW. Where the hell could I find it I wonder? We are on vacation but the weather is bad and we are trapped inside for the second day in a row. Kids are 3 (obviously too young), 8 (perfect), and then two girlfriends in their twenties who probably register somewhere in the teens, and then my 37-year-old husband and I’ll just keep my mouth shut on that one. And me, Miss Perfect.

    Trapped. Inside. Needing this game.

    I wonder if I could have it overnighted or something?

  2. Ha!

    Well, you could check your local listings for a gaming store. Someplace that sells D&D or World of Warcraft stuff. Or maybe even a comic book store; most of them sells gaming supplies as well. It all depends on where you are, of course.

    There’s a link the post where you can order it, and they may even be able to overnight it . . . ? Turn on the charm and see what happens. Hell, maybe even Amazon or some place like that.

    If all else fails, have a pillow fight.


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