Stop the @#$&in’ Swearing!!!

I came across this article today whilst surfing . . .

As a professional curser, known to let more than a few foul syllables fly during the course of any random discourse, fourteen-year-old McKay Hatch got me thinking. Why do I swear so much? I am an English major and consider myself well read . . . with so many other words at my disposal, why do I choose the colorful ones so often?

Perhaps I’m just lazy. It’s easier (and, honestly, it often just feels better) to drop an F-bomb instead of making the effort to come with another combination of less flowery words.

From the article: [South Pasadena] Mayor Michael Cacciotti said of his city’s proclamation designating the first week of March as No Cussing Week, “It provides us a reminder to be more civil, to elevate the level of discourse.”

Elevating the level of discourse. That’s what I want to be about, and what I try to do so when I converse with friends and family. But do I fall short when I use foul language?

I’ve always made it a point to remember that it’s not so much what you say – what words you choose – so much as what you mean when you speak. Sometimes a swear word conveys exactly what I mean to say and, when said with the right inflection and force, can sum up my intentions with crystal-clear precision. Other times, swear words ring too loudly and betray an inner annoyance or cynicism.

In this day when too many kids just coast through life on cruise control, riding whatever wave comes their way, I’m proud of kids like Hatch. Anyone that can get under my thick skin and make me think about the how I’m living, I give them the big high-five.


1 thought on “Stop the @#$&in’ Swearing!!!

  1. Sounds like a good idea! I should be more careful myself.

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