Thanks, Gary!

Thank you, Gary Gygax, for all the joy that you brought into my life through my adventures in the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Thanks to you, I’ve fought (and occasionally died) in myriad glorious battles upon dusty fields and in dim, fusty caverns borne of imagination, creativity and grit.

Thanks to you, I’ve formed friendship with numerous other gamers who share my love of kicking ass and taking names using only a stubby #2 pencil, some graph paper, and a bag full of sparkling, odd-shaped polyhedrons.

Thanks to you, I’ve helped bring a little bit of peace to warring fantasy nations and some humor and wit to crowded taverns nestled in villages populated by beasts, elves and men.

Thanks to you, I found a niche when I was young, and was privileged to revisit the fantasy world again as an adult, smiling like a gnome bard as my children also took up the dice, rolled up characters for the first time, and hooted wildly at earning their first XP.

You will be missed, dear friend and fellow gamer. May the gods grant you a favored bench, good mead, and a warm song to cheer your soul.

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