I’m thinking of . . . (freewriting 1.2)

. . . this blog and whether I should try and stick to one theme throughout all my posts. At this point it seems like a silly question. I’ve posted about so many different things so far. But this is memoir. And memoir is about life and all its varied ups and downs, thoughts and activities. Why limit myself?

This blog began as a way to force me to write about things in my life, past and present. Force may be a bit strong, but in my case it’s probably not far from the truth.

I am currently taking a research methods class and we are to be working toward creating some sort of writing project. At the first, I considered writing a spiritual memoir, for my spiritual journey has been an interesting and circuitous one. The Choir sings of the Circle Slide we ride through life, going round and round and always down as momentum carries us along. There is no stopping point and there are few straight roads. This has been my experience, and I want to share it with others for I think I’ve learned a few things along the way. But every time I sat down to write about my life, recent events kept creeping in, and these aren’t the stuff of memoir. Unless the memoir is living and constantly being added to and rethought in light of present-day reality.

Hence this blog. It’s a way to go back even as I move forward. An online journal of where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I’m going.

So be patient, dear reader. It’s a bumpy but exhilarating ride!



3 thoughts on “I’m thinking of . . . (freewriting 1.2)

  1. Looks pretty cool.

    Hey, I wanted to ask you about the term “freewriting.” Is that something used in your writing classes, or does it come from some other source? I know what it means, and I practice a similar thing called “writing practice” (coined by Natalie Goldberg, Writing Down the Bones).

  2. I don’t remember every being “taught” the term in any of my classes, either this time around or before in the late 80s. I do remember one teacher suggesting that, when you get stuck staring at a blank page with nothing flowing, one could just do some free writing (I don’t recall an attribution) where you just write – no worries about grammar or punctuation or even content.

    I’ve always been fond of using writing prompts, such as those shared in Monica Wood’s The Pocket Muse and also, in a less formal way in Goldberg’s latest book. I often face “blank page” syndrome and just getting the crap out of my head often leads to new avenues of exploration.

    In the case of my free writing, I’m simply going through Goldberg’s book, taking her advice to “Go” and writing for my alloted ten minutes. I shared my inspiration for free writing with my class on our wiki but have yet to mention her book here, something I want to do in the next few posts as I start to get more to the heart of what I want my blog to be.

    Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments and plan to visit your site often.


  3. I also remember Julia Cameron’s encouragement to write what she calls Morning Pages – three pages about whatever comes to mind, early in the . . . morning. Three pages is a bit much for me, however. I tried it for awhile and could never get them in before the morning rush.

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