Keep On Rockin’ In the Free World

After months of faux guitar playing on both Guitar Hero and Rock Band, my son has finally gotten upgraded. Check him out with his new Ibanez RG120! I picked this little beauty at our local Guitar Center, along with a Line 6 Spider III 15-watt amp and all the trimmings. He’s already picking “Iron Man” by Sabbath and a few other ditties. Now, if he could only figure out how to tune the darn thing. I’m not much help. I bought him a Korg electronic tuner, so it should be simple. Maybe this weekend I’ll sit down and figure it out.

Man, it was just yesterday I was changing his diapers!



4 thoughts on “Keep On Rockin’ In the Free World

  1. And before you know it, he’ll be grown and gone. Grab your earplugs and enjoy every minute of it — it’s SO fleeting. BTW, I’ve discovered the downside of replying to comments within your comments is that people rarely re-visit your comments (just not enough time) which means they won’t see what you wrote. ;-(

  2. Thanks for the comment on Handicraft Porn–I get some really dumb comments as I’m sure you do–It’s nice to get some funny, thoughtful feedback instead of the usual drivel! Say hey to your “crafty” wife. Your Blog is great-I Luv Guitar Center–Finished a CD last year. 1st of my own. I’ve played with Dwight Yoakum, Trip Rogers (Americana star) and Jon Rodgers (former member of “The Platters). Tell your son ta’ keep on pickin’. I’m a “Fender” man me-self! Gotta’ custom “Tele”. I’m subscribing to your blog-I’ll pass the word! Blessings on you and your family!!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Thomas.

    Ain’t nothing wrong with a Fender, my friend. Keep on rockin’!

    Dwight Yoakum is very cool, btw.


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