“This beach, so soft, firm and vast, was like the cheek of God, and somewhere two eyes were glittering with pleasure and a mouth was smiling at having me there.”

Yann Martel – Life of Pi

Welcome to my living memoir.  I’m glad you’ve taken the time to drop by.  You’ll notice this is not an ordinary blog.  While I’ll try to analyze and comment on current events relevant to my life, there will also be many posts that refer to past experiences – events that have helped and continue to shape my personality and beliefs. 

This blog’s genesis lies in a persistent, prickling, yet pleasantly irritating desire to give an account of the paths I’ve walked, bringing me where I am today.  I am an individual possessing faith and doubt, in unequal measures most days, and this blog is my way of lending a voice to my life story.

“If we go over the ground together once again, can we at any rate get the problems into a clearer perspective?  Perhaps we can help each other.  The thoughts that one thinks in the privacy of one’s own head tend to be elusive – and often prove nugatory or false when one attempts to bring them into the light of day.  The possibility that someone might be listening makes us all more coherent.  After all, we learnt all the words we know in the first place only from talking to each other.” 

Michael Frayn

I believe that to live is to grow and change, to engage in relationships, and to rub shoulders with those who are willing to contribute experiences and insights; therefore I encourage you to leave your comments about any of my posts.

Thanks again for visiting.  I hope you find something that encourages you and helps you write your own living memoir.


6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. purple is the color of the freight train in my mind
    my soul is yellowed ochre. my pity, hard to find

    my ego is vermillion
    my rage is ice cold blue
    my humour is a tarnished brass, my id a golden hue

    my self-control is laquered on in shades of emerald fright
    my fortune is a dusty grey
    my love is diamond brght
    and the doorway
    to my heart
    is painted

    copyright – circa 1997 g.korby.magar.copy

  2. Thanks, Alice. Love ya . . .

  3. Great poem, btw. Thanks for sharing . . .

  4. Hello Brian! And remember what I told you — this will take on a life all it’s own – with both it’s ups and downs. You’ve got a beautiful start here — I think your reason for blogging is the best of all reasons. Welcome to Blogland!

  5. Thanks for the warm welcome, Anna. Keep blogging!


  6. I just came across this blog, and I have to say I’ve enjoyed reading this more than most blogs I’ve read in the past month. You have such talent when writing, I love it!


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